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call answering problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by All Thumbs, May 30, 2011.

  1. All Thumbs

    All Thumbs Newbie
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    Help please.
    HTC Desire
    Optimus ( Portugal)
    I have had my Desire now for 4 weeks and am soon to consign it to the dustbin in sheer frustration. Put simply it does many things but has forgotten that it is firstly a telephone.
    The faff involved- Incoming call
    Take it out of the case
    then having to use 2 hands, press the on button
    Then drag the screen lock bar down.

    As well as the general messing, 2 handed to do this, I have found that because the on button is quite hard the phone has to be gripped quite hard to hold it so the ring volume keys can get pressed accidently. More importantly, if it is bright sunlight you can't see the screen anyway to unlock it or press buttons. Also the screen goes blank while the call is on so it is difficult to terminate the call as the button isn't there.
    I do have other issues, but can live with them if I can get it working better.
    It has 1 week to live

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