Help Call Blocking

I've read several of the previous call blocking threads but none seemed to have the solution I was looking for.

I used the general call blocking option in my phone book, and ended up deleting the phone number from my actual contacts list. I then re-entered the number back into my phonebook, and took off the block calls option, but it still wont allow the caller to call my phone. He says he keeps getting a busy signal or it goes straight to voice mail. he can still send texts. Is there a way to fix this? Or do I need to call tmobile about this issue?


John Jason

Android Enthusiast
I don't understand exactly what you did. Did you accidentally block a friend and now want to unblock them?

If it won't unblock the number, pull the battery and restart the phone. If that doesn't work I don't have any other ideas.


that's a rough one... I would call tmobile or restore your phone to factory settings (after saving everything of course).