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Call confirm not working

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by charles_s, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. charles_s

    charles_s Newbie
    Thread Starter

    In the past I have received some really helpful insights from questions asked here, so I hope someone will be able to shed some light on this, which is maybe a tough one. I hope there is a better answer than reinitializing the phone.

    I have a Galaxy Note 4 with Android 5.1.1. I have found that some kind of Call Confirm app is practically a necessity ... the phone function is used a lot, there are many contacts, and it is way too easy to place calls accidentally without this kind of protection app.

    I downloaded the Call Confirm app a while back and for some time it worked fine. Now it has stopped working. My wife has a Note 3 with I think one level earlier of OS and it works fine on hers. Support messages to the developer do not get a reply. I have tried clearing cache and data, uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing helps. What it is supposed to do is bring up a confirm prompt after you select Call on the phone that you need to click on before the call gets placed. What it does now is bring up and display the confirm prompt, while the phone continues merrily dialing in the background, regardless of whether or not you click the prompt.

    I have also tried uninstalling and installing a different call confirm app from the PlayStore ... that one did exactly the same thing, which makes me think the issue is with the phone or OS or settings rather than the app itself, which is why I am asking about it here.

    As an aside, which may or may not be relevant, at one point I looked into starting / stopping / clearing cache for the Phone app itself and was startled to discover that there are actually three different apps called Phone all of which I presume must have been preinstalled. Is that normal ?

    Any insights would be appreciated

    Charles Small

  2. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    I use a dialler/contacts app called True Phone. This has an option for 'Call confirmation', so when I dial a number it asks me again whether I want to 'call' or 'cancel'. I'm sure I've seen it in the stock app at some stage but could be mistaken. It's not unique to TC I know that.

    As for multiple 'phone' apps I have seen that. I run a custom ROM (AOSP 6.0.1 on a Galaxy S4) and they have (or had anyway) been installing the stock aosp 'phone' app and the google one. It could be that your phone manufacturer supplies their own as well as Google's and maybe even your service provider gets in on the act (especially if you happen to be in the US from what I've seen).

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  3. charles_s

    charles_s Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Problem solved ! True Phone works as advertised (so far anyway). So it must have been the Phone app that was doing it. .. though I still don't know which of the three I was actually using. No easy way to tell so far as I can see.

    Thanks for your help !
  4. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    this works in addition to your normal dialer?
  5. charles_s

    charles_s Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes, apparently I can use either one to dial at the moment. But the only way I can get the call confirm function to work is by using the True Phone app. The actual phone screen (the keypad shown once the call is in progress, or connected) is the same for both, if that makes sense. But True Phone has its own keypad, and if I use it I get the call confirm prompt before it goes over to the actual dialer.
  6. Tom Boardman

    Tom Boardman Lurker

    Thank you for posting the issue. I also have a Note 4 w/5.1.1 and needed a working Call Confirm solution. True Phone works...all the others do not. Very strange but I am happy now. Thanks again for posting and to all the others that provided solution(s).
  7. NightHawkGuy

    NightHawkGuy Lurker

    With the new T-Mobile Note 4, Android 6 (Marshmellow) firmware update this past week, the call confirm problem with the standard phone dialer appears to be fixed now! I can use a free call confirm app and now the phone doesn't keep dialing in the background it works as expected now - waits until I confirm to call or abort the dial. So this appeared to be a bug only in Android 5.1.1 with the T-Mobile Note4.

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