Call divert app??

is there such a thing??
I would like an app that would set the divert to different numbers depending on location.
i work/live in a rural area, so i have a hero on one network which at the moment, when i am out somewhere, diverts to another phone on a different network when there is no signal because the network coverage varies so much!
but, the signal in my house is terrible on both networks so i have to divert the hero (main) phone number to my landline as this is my main contact number for business and the answer machine is attached.
it would make it easier for me if there was something that recognised when i was in or out of the house and set the divert accordingly, most of my appointments are noted in the calander, so even if it was triggered by an appointment or such, that would be enough,
any app suggestions?
You could try Tasker, which allows you to program quite complex tasks based on conditions. In this case, you could use a location context based on your home to divert all calls. It can also use calendar entries to trigger tasks.

There is more information about Tasker here. It is currently in beta, but a look though the site and the Wiki will give you some idea of the potential.

The alternative would be Locale from the Market (paid), but I am not sure whether there is a Divert plugin.


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hi jaybea,
I had tried locale, back in tha days when it was free, but there was no option to either call a number or set the diverts in that, and i don't really want to pay to find out that still isn't the case!
had a look at tasker too, but as far as i could see there was no option for this either, dug about on the forums over there for a while too and it seems that i am the only person ever to want to this feature!!
I am a Taxi Cab Driver, we normally answer calls over the radio, but you are pegged in the order you key up on the mic, now I might be 4th out, that means 3 other cab drivers are in front of me, now that means I will be sitting on my ass until those 3 cab drivers get a call first, now that is the fair and square way the taxicab world opporates, now we are allowed to give our phone numbers to the customers and run calls from our phone if we want, the problem with this is that eventually you will have SO many personal contacts after about 3 weeks that your phone will be ringing every minute, this makes it dangerous when you are driving, also you then answer the phone and they tell you there address and you relize you are too far away.
What I need is this, after about 1 month you will have 300+ contacts, I need to be able to see the address of the caller when they are calling, such as instead of saving there number in my rolodex as there name I can save it as under there address, now when it rings I will see the address and if I am not close to it I can chose who to forward the call to, such as another driver that I KNOW is very close, or to just forward the call to the cab company, so that my personal contacts will have a much better chance of getting a cab much faster by calling me directly and if I am not avalible close enough to it I can click a button on my screen that will forward the call to choices that I have already set up, thus having a happy customer and will call ME again in the future when they need a cab and not the cab company causing me to wait in line. ( An app like this will allow me to infiltrait veteran cab drivers territories and choke them out thus making more money and controling the territory my self )
I will pay big bucks for an app that will do this.
Even better I can see additional information that I previously entered such as average cab fair and other info such as if they smell bad or not, or potentually dangerous and not safe to pic this person up at night, all this info will be GOLDEN in choosing to answer it or forward it.

The app also uses your phones GPS to tell you the distance and time it will take to get to there house when the address is saved in your phone, now I can say: hello Ms. Gertrude, yes I can be there in about 8 minutes.

Click a button on the screen that says GO, that will GPS navigate me to there house.

Have my contact list automatically saved to webspace on the net every 5 min or specified by me, then another cabdriver with a android phone running the same app will auto update the contact every 5 min or specified so he will see the contact info name and address and other info instead of just the phone number when I forward the call to him, you could call this app the Cabstand Infiltraitor.