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I have had my X5 for about 18 months and till about 2 months ago it has been an almost perfect phone. Then calls started droping out. My son can call me and talk from 5 seconds to a few minutes and the call just drops out. Most of the time, the call lasts less then 20 seconds. The signal level doesn't seem to be the problem or at least his problem can happen with 4 bars. Any help to find this problem would be appreciated as I love this phone but it is becoming unusable.

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I don't think it could be carrier related as my Wife has the x3 and doesn't have the same problem. If you think it may be, I can put the sim into an old phone and see how it works there and if I get the dropouts.



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Hi wazm, What Android version have you got in your phone?
There is a possibility that you need to Update to Version 2.3.5.

If you go to the Huawei web site and enter your phone model and look in > Software, I think you will find an Update to cure missing calls and dropouts.

HUAWEI U8800 Android 2.3 for beta.This version improves1,missing call issue;2,MMS attachment issue. (V100R001C00B526G001)

This is the Gingerbread 2.3.5 Update. I recently installed this on my phone and everything is as smooth as.

2.1 Forced Upgrade

The forced upgrade method is as follows:
Note: After the forced upgrade, all user data (contacts, text messages, and multimedia messages) will be lost.
1. Go to and search for the latest U8800 version, download it to the local drive, and uncompress it to extract the upgrade file.
2. In the SD card root directory, create a new folder named dload. Take the extracted upgrade file, UPDATE.APP, and copy it to the dload folder.
3. Insert the SD card into the mobile phone.
4. When the mobile phone is powered off, press the Volume +, Volume -, and Power keys at the same time to initiate the forced upgrade.
5. After the upgrade is complete, restart the phone, and continue to use as before.

If the screen goes Purple when you push the Vol+ & Vol- and Power on buttons at the same time - you will have to remove the battery for a few seconds - and re-install battery and try again.
(I had to do this 3 times before I initiated the "Forced Upgrade").

Before starting to do the Upgrade - Backup all your Data or sync and save to a Folder in your comp.
Make sure your battery is fully charged.
When you open the Update (saved to Download Folder or Desktop) you will find a printable procedure to follow on carrying out the Upgrade.
Let's know how you get on. Cheers Neil.:)