Help call history page - help!


I need some help understanding how to fix this issue in the call history page.

Lets say I have a phone number in my contact list: Joe (345) 855-4433

If I select Joe from my contact list, then his number goes into my call log and he is identified as Joe.

Now, if I were to just dial from the number pad 855-4433. The call log page identifies this as "unknown".

So, why does android not recognize them as the same number? How do you fix this?



I'm pretty sure it's looking for the area code as well. If you dial 345-855-4433, "Joe" should appear. I don't think the phone is able to search for partial number matches. Hope that helps clarify at least...


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thanks say_koo, But this is kind of annoying. My blackberries never had any trouble with skipping the area code and recognizing the number as a contact list number.

Anybody else have any ideas?
I don't get my phone til tomorrow so I don't know how it works on the DInc yet, but on my Dare I can use the area code or not use the area code and it still knows who I am calling.