May 20, 2010
hi guys just wanted to ask if someone knows how to see the time missed call was made???having problems with that
Go to People > at the bottom there's a list of icons > scroll to the far right and a list of your call history will come up.

Click on the call history icon next to the person who gave you the missed call and voila you'll see what time the call was made.

It's a bit long-winded but it works...
also you may face a slight problem if your looking to do this on a 1.5 device, on the current offical device if you look at the call history for say yesterday it will only say yesterday, no time.

this actually bugs mequite abit.

if on the other hand your using a 2.1 rom then you can do the above and look at the time for yesterdays calls aswell. even previous calls.

im really glad they fixed this in 2.1 as it bugged the hell out of me.

one of the main reasons i rooted.
I am running an Orange Hero in the UK with a stock ROM and when i go into call history for the individual (as the previous poster described) then I can see the time as well as the day.