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Call Log App to document Call Purpose

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by parkere, Jan 4, 2010.

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    I am looking for a feature-rich app that will allow me to add a few notes to a log for EACH completed call.

    Here is what I need -(and since my requirements are driven by the IRS' need to have a log of these data elements, I'm SURE I'm not alone in this requirement):

    Once the call is complete, I'd like to add the following to the Call Log record:
    - Contact Name (if not already captured from my contact list)
    - Call Purpose

    That is Really the only data elements that are not captured in the call log that the IRS is requiring me to log.

    They want: Date/Time; Contact Name; and Call Purpose

    If when the call was completed, this Call Log app could be invoked (maybe by something like the app "Not Call Log") and ask me to select from a few customizable options from a list and then finish and return to the phone app or the home screen, etc.

    I have narrowed my list to the following (and it REALLY DOES cover EVERY situation, for me)

    Call Purpose:
    IR = Information Request
    IU = Information Update
    TS = Technical Support
    VM = Check Voice Mail
    WN = Wrong Number

    Then, of course, I need to be able to save and print the log for a specific date range to store with my printed copy of my phone bill incase the IRS ever needs to audit me and see if my phone is really being used for "Business" purposes.

    I hope you cn help or pass my request on to someone who may be able to.

    My phone: HTC Hero

    THANK YOU in advance.

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