Help Call Log - butt dialing


The Nexus S dialer is a real problem for me. The 7 speed-dial numbers that are on screen by default after ending a call get called by mistake too often. Sometimes you just don't have the time or attention, like when driving to go through multiple steps to end a call. Just setting phone down on the car seat can end up making another call.

This phone really needs the option of having the keypad be the default for the Dialier, and when end a call instead of the Log.

I know occassionally the kepad comes up when you first press the dialer icon, but that is very rare and follows some other event that I haven't figured out.

Is there any type of soluton for this other than going back to my Vibrant where the Dialer is always the Dialer ?

I know this may be a lame question . . but please be nice.


Android Expert
Maybe I don't get what you're having a problem with. Whenever I end a call i hit end, and then the power button to lock the screen. I don't see how you could be butt dialing unless you aren't locking the screen and then putting it in your pocket.