call log settings protector


Not sure if this is in the right place our not...but I'm hoping someone can tell me if there is such a thing as an app to prevent the call log from being deleted.
I live with a bunch of roommates and sometimes it seems I'm the only one with a working phone, & while I don't mind lending it so they can make a call, when I get it back the calls made are always deleted from my call log. Since it's my phone I feel I have the right to know the number dialed be it their mom or my boyfriend, ya know?
I've searched google play & the internet alike & have come up empty, but the search terms are so close to apps that do the opposite, I thought I'd ask here to se if anyone knows of one that does what I need. I've tried asking for a itemized statement from my provider listing all calls, but not only does it cost money I'd have to keep a journal of who & the date & time they used my phone, and that would just be too much...
In summary I'm looking for an app that prevents single entries from being deleted from the call log but without hiding or locking the entire log itself, one that perhaps locks the settings or long press delete...

Thank you in advance for your time &i appreciate your input!


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Why not just lend them the phone for a short call made while you are present, on the clear understanding that they are not to delete anything whatsoever from your phone? Watch them closely during the call.

It's your phone to do with as you please, and it's not at all unreasonable for you to set conditions and be present to enforce them. If they object then they can certainly get their own phone like any tourist or find a payphone.


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Can't help with what you want OP, but the next best thing is CallTrack. I log everything to a Google calendar and that survives no matter if the entire call log is erased.