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Call quality very sub-par (not signal strength)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ShiftLft, May 2, 2010.

  1. gg48gg

    gg48gg Lurker

    Which Verizon Android phones do not suffer from the voice quality issues?

    I am on week 2 of the HTC Incredible. Tried *228 and changing codec.

    Voice still sounds horrible, and am ready to return the phone and exchange for a replacement. Reccomendations on a replacement anyone?

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    INTREPID-NY Android Enthusiast

    Consumer Reports ratings show that all Verizon Android phones have "Fair" Voice Quality except the HTC Touch Pro2 which was rated "Good" They rated the Incredible as "Fair", but it's more like "Poor".

    See (requires membership):
    Smart phone Ratings
  3. HTC droid

    HTC droid Lurker

    I love most everything about the HTC Droid Incredible that I just purchased but am returning it due to very poor voice quality. I did an experiment in two different locations using my BB to call my new HTC DI. I gave the BB to my wife, we talked from different rooms in the house for 2-3 minutes and then swapped phones. We both agreed the voice quality was much worse on the Incredible than on my BB. I would describe the voice quality as intelligible but somewhat garbled. There were also microseconds where there were gaps in the voice. This is shocking considering the otherwise amazing features of this phone. I do not understand why some members on this string note clear reception while others have experienced the same problem as me. I am in the initial 30 day window so I am swapping for a Droid X- I hope the sound is better.
  4. alshan

    alshan Lurker

    I have had poor voice quality on my new Droid Incredible (clipped words and gaps in speech) until I updated the phone's PRL. Try vzw programming: dial *228, choose option 2.
    Worked out for me (Wayland, MA).
  5. negentropy

    negentropy Lurker

    Thanks all. The *228 then 2 method has given me crystal clear reception.

    My DInc is three weeks old. Before this fix, I would have five bars (-66 dBm) and hear chopped/garbled voices (mobile-to-mobile, in network, out of network, and landline). I would lose 1-2 words every 2-3 sentences. No one had problems hearing me.
  6. sasn

    sasn Lurker

    A possible fix for the HTC Incredible poor voice / sound quality.
    From the Main screen tap "menu", then "settings", then "call".
    Then tap the drop down menu for "TTY mode". Then change to "TTY full".
    That usually gets rid of the choppiness.
    If that's not enough, on the same screen as "TTY mode", try turning on the "Hearing aid" option. That allows the volume to be augmented.
    Good luck
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