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Call quality very sub-par (not signal strength)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ShiftLft, May 2, 2010.

  1. ShiftLft

    ShiftLft Member
    Thread Starter

    I was trying to determine if it was just the ear piece speaker but on mine it's both the speakerphone and ear piece that are doing it.

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  2. mrjinglesusa

    mrjinglesusa Android Enthusiast

    Just got mine yesterday (purchased on eBay). Call quality is perfect, even with only 1 or 2 bars. In fact, I had to turn down volume for calls because it was too loud.

    Just another data point...
  3. Richard371

    Richard371 Member

    Mine is loud. The problem is sometimes its clear sometimes words get garbled. just over all it bad compared to my iphone, blackberry etc.
  4. Liquoredolce

    Liquoredolce Android Enthusiast

    I'm in the same boat here. I find myself making random guesses as to what the person I'm talking to is saying because I can't say "what" every 3 seconds. It doesn't matter where I am, it seems to be pretty consistantly bad. Everything else about this phone is amazing, but it should be first and formost, a phone, and work as such.

    I'll be calling Verizon later to see what they have to say.
  5. eleazar

    eleazar Well-Known Member

    I exchanged my Incredible at Best Buy last night. I can confidently say that the new Incredible is at least 75% better. Maybe 1 out of every 15+ words is muffled. Also, now I can be talking and the other person can interrupt and I actually hear what they say. I wouldn't say the quality is on par with what I experienced on the Droid (I had it for 3 days), but it is definitely manageable now. I'd be tempted to replace it again and see if I can get that top quality that everyone is talking about, but I don't want to risk getting another unusable Incredible.

    Also, the new Incredible I received was from a different Best Buy (my original BB was sold out) and was also their second batch of Incredibles (they sold out of the first batch on the 29th and received a 2nd batch earlier this week), so I don't know if the batches have anything to do with it.

    I'd suggest a least exchanging once rather than returning it and giving up.
  6. tranceFusion

    tranceFusion Android Enthusiast

    I too am worried about making it worse.. will they let me do multiple exchanges for the same phone (I bought from VZW online) if I get another dud?

    Also, I swear I saw a post about an OTA patch to address voice quality yesterday.. is there any more news on this?
  7. eleazar

    eleazar Well-Known Member

  8. letters

    letters Newbie

    I just got off the phone with my sister and could hardly hear her. Funny cause we were talking and I mentioned that I just moved to Verizon and she said so did she. We both were mentioning how we should have just stuck with ATT because we were a lot happier with our phones then. She had some samsung phone and hated it.

    I love this phone but christ the call quality sucks. If it doesn't improve by the end of the 30 days it is going back.
  9. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Coming from an iPhone I have to say the call quality on my incredible is terrible. this is my second one, and they both had the same issue. People are just not clear on the other end, and I must say its really annoying! both my blackberries and iPhone are much clearer, not louder, but much clearer. I may return and wait for the EVO. I have an incredible being shipped to me from Verizon, for which I had to give them a credit card and let them charge me $199, and when I send back this one they will refund... to me not cool, but whatever, I really like the phone and want to get a good working one. all in all, I'm really surprised at how many people are complaining about this. for a phone to be so new, and have call quality issues on the supposedly best network around is not a good sign! Time will tell if this can be fixed with an update!
  10. barrister89

    barrister89 Member

    I just got mine last night and have been bugging all my friends and family to test the call quality. The main issue for me, like some others have posted, is volume. I have the call volume cranked all the way up, and at that level, I would say the volume at the ear speaker is "normal." My LG Dare will get much louder, and in fact I like my phone loud because I usually don't press it hard against my ear unless I'm outdoors or in a noisy environment. Then I can still hear the person without sticking my finger in my other ear. In fact, with my Dare I can call the pharmacy and key in my prescription numbers and hear the prompts well enough without activating the speaker phone. I haven't tried the hearing aid setting, but don't feel I should need to. There has got to be something wrong here, or maybe the LG is just exceptionally loud. But I've had umpteen cell phones since they weighed 10 pounds and all were louder than this.

    Sound quality to me is just ok. I can hear voices reasonably clearly and haven't experienced garbled sound, echo or clipped words. Everyone I have called says they can hear me loud and clear.

    So far, the call quality isn't a deal breaker, but given there are fairly few complaints about the call volume I wonder if I have a defective phone. I hope not because the phone is perfect in every other way and who knows what problems I might have with a replacement.
  11. bsdbytes

    bsdbytes Newbie

    I love this phone too, but I'm going to have to return it if it's not fixed or Verizon acknowledges that a fix is in the works.
  12. krispy_mobile

    krispy_mobile Member

    I returned mine at Best Buy today. With the new phone, people still sound a bit muffled, and I detect a bit of clipping. However, not bad enough to have to ask anyone to repeat themselves or have to guess at what was said.

    Waiting to see how battery does after a few cycles to break it in as well as get a better idea of call sound quality. If battery is good and sound holds at this level, I'll stick with this one.

    Fwiw, if any of you bought through best buy, the return was easy, no questions asked, quick and easy.
  13. paulpot

    paulpot Lurker

    Like everybody else I got DINC on the 29th and the first thing I noticed was crappy signal and crappy call quality. There is a lot of thread out there claiming low signal doesn't represent true dbm. But guess what? It does. This phone sucks...it's having the most beautiful sport car but with no steering wheel.
  14. anthonykash

    anthonykash Newbie

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this shit. I'm returning this one for a third tomorrow. I"ll keep u posted
  15. zariman

    zariman Newbie

    Ummm.... so is swapping out for a different unit even worth it? Has anybody seen a significant improvement by doing this? It seems like almost everybody is complaining about the low volume/muffled sound out of the ear piece. This doesn't seem like a defect to me; more like every phone has this issue?
  16. anthonykash

    anthonykash Newbie

    ZARIMAN. that's my case. I've gotten 2 that sound shitty. I've called Verizon twice and one tech said he heard of the issue and that it's not fixable and to swap it out. I did and it still sucks, getting a third tomorrow. If it doesn't fix it i'm just gonna eat it and get beat. Man these cell companies always beat ya.
  17. ShiftLft

    ShiftLft Member
    Thread Starter

    Woke up this morning and saw System Update notification! So for a brief moment I thought hey! Maybe the Verizon tech I worked with yesterday pushed something out to me! Nope, sure enough it was just the exchange bug fix update. Calls on my 1998 Nokia still sound better. :(

    Speaking to a Verizon tech yesterday we went through a bunch of things, he reset something for my number (PR something or another?) but unfortunetly calls still sound as bad or worse. He looked for open tickets and saw only a couple other ones that seemed similar to the call quality issues so it doesn't appear they are barely aware of this. Everyone that's having issues should call Verizon customer support and work with a technician to log the issue, even if it doesn't get resolved immediately for you. Without them knowing they aren't going to use many resources to resolve something they don't know about.
  18. needtoride

    needtoride Newbie

    It may be useful for the people experiencing this issue to post part of the serial number. This will help us determine if it was a bad batch that went out, or if there is some sort of pattern to the ones with poor call quality.
  19. ShiftLft

    ShiftLft Member
    Thread Starter

    Last 6 of mine are J01277. If that's enough?
  20. SirensOfTitan

    SirensOfTitan Newbie

    I feel like a fool saying it, but I am at the point where I cannot tell whether my call quality is poor or not. Many of the people whom I have spoken with since I got this phone last Thursday mumble a lot, so I am used to asking them to repeat themselves.

    I occasionally get little quips / noise during the ringing, but as far as I can remember, the same thing happened on my blackberry as well. My signal strength is around -80 - (-70) dBm in State College, PA (aka: a small college town surrounded by farms).
  21. Nethyr

    Nethyr Newbie

    Sadly my girlfriend and I are both experiencing this issue. We purchased them on the 29th from a BestBuy in NYC. Of those who have swapped their phone for a new one, what was your success rate? Did you have any problems finding a store with an available unit for exchange?
  22. moci737

    moci737 Lurker

    Poor call quality here in Kansas as well. Voice is chopping in and out, must ask caller to repeat several times. Muffled as well. Only on my receive end. I use my old Rzr to check with same callers and that phone quality is great. Incredible, is not incredible as far as cq goes right now.
  23. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Boy is this a dropped ball by HTC...
  24. DroidRocker

    DroidRocker Member

    My words exactly...LOVE all of the options, look and feel of the Incredible... but the battery is horrendous and so is the INCOMING call quality (those on the other end say I sound wonderfully clear). Not sure what I'll do as the thirty day mark approaches...hate to give it up, but....
  25. krispy_mobile

    krispy_mobile Member

    My return to best buy was quick and easy. They had plenty of incredibles. I'm in a fairly small metro area though (read: 125k). The replacement truly does sound better, but clipping and muffled voice is still there.

    I'd actually roll the dice and try a return again, especially as I have yet to put the time into customizing the 2nd one. However, the battery life on this second one is better than my first and I'm liking that. :)

    Of all things, I did not expect to look back fondly at my AT&T call quality.

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