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Call Quality

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by red arrow, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. red arrow

    red arrow Member
    Thread Starter

    Just wondering if anyone is having any issues? I seem to be having an issue with the mic on my DNA. I got my phone on release day and it seems half of the people I talk to complain they can't hear me when they are on the phone with me. I've found that using speakerphone or headphones with an inline mic fixes the issue but this is not always an option. Did I get a phone with a bad mic? Is anybody else having similar issues? Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance...:thinking:

  2. zenman

    zenman Android Enthusiast

    Not me. I would exchange it right away.
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  3. 82nd Airborne

    82nd Airborne Well-Known Member

    I actually get the exact opposite. People on the other end not only say that it is clear, but also quite loud. Bluetooth also seems to work perfectly.
  4. Bearcats

    Bearcats Android Enthusiast

    This. ==^

    The DNA is a HUGE upgrade sound quality wise both for mic and ear speaker over my Dinc.
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  5. red arrow

    red arrow Member
    Thread Starter

    So I got my replacement phone last week for the issue I had with the mic, CSR at corporate store was great and I had no issues but the replacement was a refurb. Just yesterday I got my first I can't hear you phone call again so I'm thinking the problem may be with me :thinking: I'm really at a loss here with this thing, I love the phone but I need to be able to talk to people on the damn thing without sounding like an idiot:( If I continue to have issues I may just have to sell the thing, which sucks balls because there are no other phones on Verizon that I'm even interested in. On a side note after getting the replacement phone and setting it up with my go to apps I can no longer find ESPN scorecenter in the play store? I've tried a couple other similar apps and didn't care for them, anybody out there know what happened to scorecenter?
  6. red arrow

    red arrow Member
    Thread Starter

    OK, Well I just tried to install score-center from my PC and it says it is not compatible with the DNA.:mad: I must have been running an older version on my original DNA?
  7. gemmydn

    gemmydn Member

    I have had this issue also on my thunderbolt. What I found or at least seems to be is go launcher. I used to use that launcher all the time with no issues but it seems to cause problems now. When you have issues with your phone you should always check apps you have downloaded. Some times they mess up your phone. Even ones that use to work sometimes start causing issues. Just my opinion, at least when I uninstalled the go launcher my problems went away.
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  8. red arrow

    red arrow Member
    Thread Starter

    Just figured this out:D Side loaded app from XDA seems to be good, now if I can figure this Mic out then i'll be much happier...
  9. Cam501

    Cam501 Member

    I know this is an old thread but just saw it for the first time. I am on my 3rd DNA and with each one at least half it not more of the people I talk to complain that they cannot hear me well. Never had that complaint with my old Dinc.
  10. red arrow

    red arrow Member
    Thread Starter

    I still have my DNA and still have this issue. I too had the Dinc before this and I think part of the issue is with the increased size of the DNA and the placement of the mic. I tend to use my pinky finger to support the bottom of the phone with the DNA and it's easy to cover the mic, this is a possibility but I've had the issue gripping just the sides of the phone. I also noticed that when I have facial hair (beard) the problem is worse. Laying the phone on it's back always seems to help but sometimes speaker phone is not alwaysan o ption. I now will only make important phone calls with ear buds with an in line mic, this really is a pain in the ass. Just 11 more months until I can replace the phone. It really is a shame because everything else is great with it. A couple of other thoughts, I will be leaving Verizon for my next phone, and I need to go back to a phone with expandable memory or something with more than 16gb of memory.
  11. Slickyy

    Slickyy Well-Known Member

    could be your case. I have a Trident Aegis series on mine, and it muffles the microphone for people.
  12. red arrow

    red arrow Member
    Thread Starter

    I rock my DNA naked, no case, no screen protector since I got my replacement phone in January. No scratches yet, a couple drops but nothing bad.
  13. TrooperThorn

    TrooperThorn Member

    FWIW I don't use a case and I've never had a complaint about call quality. Quite the opposite, to be honest. Other than making sure your finger/hand/chin aren't covering the mic itself, I'd have to assume something defective with the device.

    We've had three DNA's (my wife broke her first one and had to get an insurance replacement) and they have all been stellar in this department.
  14. CrackedLCD

    CrackedLCD Well-Known Member

    I have issues as well, but the person I'm most likely to get a call from also has serious hearing problems.

    Speakerphone calls are clearer, but Bluetooth is the worst of all. I think it's due to my Sony BT stereo headset having a poor mic. The best call quality I've found is the wired headset from an old iPhone. I was told that was the clearest of all my options.

    I dunno what the issue could be since it doesn't seem to affect everyone, and the speakerphone works well, so it shouldn't be the mic(s). I think there's another one on top of the phone used for noise cancellation (and stereo recording in videos). Maybe it's getting muffled and causing some issues?
  15. Cam501

    Cam501 Member

    I use the Seidio Active case but have had this issue since day 1 with no case.

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