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Call Recorder

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sarge395, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Sarge395

    Sarge395 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Looking for an app that will record both sides of a conversation. I have tried Vrecorder and I do not get any volume. I have a moment with 2.1 installed.:mad:

  2. htcman724

    htcman724 Android Enthusiast

    you got mail.
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  3. RickMG

    RickMG Newbie

    Is that the name of the ap? :)

    I always used Call Record on my Palm and it was fantastic. I really miss it. Only used it like a note pad when someone was telling me a number or something else.
  4. htcman724

    htcman724 Android Enthusiast

    you got mail.
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  5. kbrn

    kbrn Android Enthusiast

    I want that app too please.
  6. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert

    Since your sharing...Please?
  7. JPD

    JPD Newbie

    hmm - I would like that one too... please...
  8. kzoo

    kzoo Member

    Me Too! I hate trying to remember and address or phone number, then the person keeps on with the conversation like I am supposed to remember!!
  9. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Android Enthusiast

    I'd like it too! I like recording conversations with customer service!
  10. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Android Expert

    I would like it too... unless it's a service that requires an inv. I already have that, I just want some normal app that is a little easier than that (specifically for call recording).
  11. htcman724

    htcman724 Android Enthusiast

    ok its a paid app so if you want them i will have to send via email.pm your email and i'll send it out.
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  12. AlkiDweller

    AlkiDweller Android Enthusiast

    Google Voice.
  13. mouseglider

    mouseglider Lurker

    I am looking for a Call Recorder also - I had one on my PalmOS Garnet - I sent you a PM

  14. mouseglider

    mouseglider Lurker

    htcman724 - here is my email incase you did not get my reply - deleted my email from the body of this post - I did recieve your files and I sent you back a few questions if you could be so kind to answer.
  15. htcman724

    htcman724 Android Enthusiast

    ok so to make this easy on me if you leave your email you will get 2 apks for 2 different apps they do basically the same thing just different ways of doing it.1 start manually the other automatically.
  16. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Android Enthusiast

    The larger APK is the automatic one...
  17. kbrn

    kbrn Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for sending and sharing the apps... I got the email this morning and installed both of them one first and then after trying the first one didn't work unistalled and tried the second one and still nothing ... just no audio at all.. What can I be doing wrong??
  18. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Android Enthusiast

    I'm on the same boat you are kbrn.
  19. mouseglider

    mouseglider Lurker

    I tried the manual one and no audio mine or the other side no matter how I tried with and without speaker phone - I was going to try the automatic one but from posters kbrn and dkjones96 posted, I guess that wouldn't work either. I probably will have to try Google Voice as I understand that works, but then I have to inform everyone of my new ph# :-(
  20. gllu

    gllu Newbie

    So no apps for call recording?
  21. htcman724

    htcman724 Android Enthusiast

    not sure i have no problem in getting it to work.
  22. bbhead91

    bbhead91 Lurker

    just got the moment and was looking for a good call record program.
  23. jdkngh

    jdkngh Lurker

    I would be eternally greatfull if you would send me a copy of the app as well

    Thanks :)
  24. timp123

    timp123 Newbie

    I would love to see this. Please let me know if anybody finds one that works.
  25. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Android Enthusiast

    Whatz with the secrecy of the app(s):thinking:

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