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Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by SinoRocket, May 24, 2011.

  1. SinoRocket

    SinoRocket Lurker
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    Hi Developers --

    Request for an app that I have been thinking about for some time: It combines CALL YOUR FOLKS + COL REMINDER + SCHEDULER/CALENDAR.

    The idea is this: Select a contact, set a frequency for contact, then during designated "free" time on your calendar, the application pops up a reminder to call that contact, and provides a note with a few topics to discuss.

    Here is my concept for the mechanics: Select a contact, set a frequency (like CALL YOUR FOLKS). This is then added to the "contact queue". Within the native CALENDAR function, the user designates "free" time, to be used to get-in-touch with family & friends. The app the pulls a contact off of the "contact queue" and suggests that you call them (like COL REMINDER). It also provides you with a note to remind you what you should talk to them about (also like COL REMINDER). From the reminder, you can "call" a contact, "pass" on a contact (if you do not want to talk to them right then, adds them back to the queue), "snooze" (if you want to talk to them later), or "dismiss" a contact (if you have already spoken with them recently). After the call, it gives you the option to jot down a few notes for the next call.

    Reason for the request: Living overseas, I am quite bad in keeping in contact with my family and friends. It would be nice to receive a regularly schedule reminder, with some notes, at the time of day when it is possible to call (given the different timezones).

    Any applications like this already exist?

    [EDIT 25/5: I found the application "Pakoomba Call Reminder", which has 80% of the functionality that I described. It includes the ability to set reminders w/notes, set "free" time, and allows you to get in touch via phone, email, or SMS. Only feature missing is the recurring reminders.]

    Thanks for your consideration!

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  2. Joby123

    Joby123 Lurker

    Hi SinoRocket,
    I am one of the developers of PAKOOMBA Call Reminder.
    I just stumbled on your post and noticed you're looking for a great productivity app.

    We plan to implement recurring reminders in the future (your use case is very appealing :) ).

    In the mean time, check out the major new release of PAKOOMBA Call Reminder - v1.1

    You can find more info in this post:

    - J.

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