Dec 18, 2010
I've just recently experienced this very annoying bug with my droid x. When I am ending calls or needing to use the dialpad during a call, the dialer is gone and I just see my home screen. The proximity switch is working fine and turning the display off when I put the phone to my ear; however, as soon as I remove it, the call screen is gone. The notification bar is blinking green and I pull it down to end the call. This is especially annoying when I receive a call while the phone is locked, because it does not give me the end call button until I enter my pass code and pull the notification bar down. Help please.
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Possibly an app you installed recently. Start uninstalling them one by one from the most recent back to the date you noticed this problem. Uninstall then call your cell from another phone. Rinse and repeat until your phone works properly again. This is the only way to rule out an app problem.

Another possible cause could be if you have a task killer running on a schedule. At the very least reset the tk setting to kill manually only. If the tk corrupted your phone, it's possible that even a factory reset won't fix your prob.

Hope for your sake it's the former not the latter.
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