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called htc about charge port maybe going bad

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by smartphone45, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. smartphone45

    smartphone45 Member
    Thread Starter

    well i called htc and spoke to a live person and they said no problem that they actually repair not give you a refurbished phone as i originally feared. so when my charge port does fail i can send it in and i will get my phone back repaired. thought i would relate this to others. I will be using the original manufactures warranty that is good for 1 year from date of purchase. does anybody else experience a slightly loose charge port. if so can you post please. thank u.

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  2. Kreatur3

    Kreatur3 Android Enthusiast

    Mine is.

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  3. mydian

    mydian Android Expert

    I took my first HTC One SV back.. that one the micro-usb port must have been crooked or something. My new one seems a bit loose.

    I have had 3 phones, possibly 4 now, in a row with bad micro-usb ports. Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung, now HTC. Glad to hear they repair the phone instead of sending a refurb. If it can be repaired. I've seen when it breaks it rip the traces right off the circuit board. Micro-usb unfortunately is a flawed design.. guaranteed to fail eventually.
  4. out2late

    out2late Lurker

    I sent in my Rogers HTC One in for repair because it wouldn't charge... faulty USB port HOWEVER HTC said its not warranty because the boot loader had been tampered with. Cost me $265 for the repair... still waiting to receive the phone back.
  5. lucids

    lucids Well-Known Member

    i'm sure the warranty is more than a year, at least two years.

    My usb is wobbly too and my friends who also got the One SV.
    Do bear in mind if they repair it at HTC they will factory reset it so you need to make sure you back up everything from the internal memory as well as sms/contacts and any non market apps or data from apps. Remember to remove the memory card before sending it.

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