Caller ID App, looking for specific features

Hi. I'm new to the forum, I work in I.T. and use my phone as a tool for the job, so i'd rather ask for advice before installing dozens of apps trying to find the features I want.

I'm seriously tempted to get a new dual sim phone, but I'm bewildered by the choice and too busy to spend time researching so what I'm looking for is an app that can provide some of the benefits of a dual sim phone. I'm self employed and I'd like to be able to select a call routing depending on the customer group, For instance, for my phone to automatically send business contact calls to VM between certain hours, but allow personall calls through. Different VM greetings for different call groups would be a bonus but not essential, just the call routing feature. I'm off sick at the moment and getting p***ed off at the number of customers who are ignoring my VM "off sick" greeting and bugging me with stupid problems that their grandkids could fix.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.

Alan Surry

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Try out Youmail, it's a call blocker voice mail app that works for me
Thanks, Danny. I found what looks like the app on the playsore, it says available for all my devices, but the install button is greyed out. Does this look like it? Cheers.


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