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Caller ID Faker?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by bob2300, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. bob2300

    bob2300 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I have heard about this app but I dont see it in the marketplace. I see some sort of spoofer app but that makes you pay.

    Anyone have a link or could anyone upload that app? Would really be appreciated.

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  2. AFAngryWarrior

    AFAngryWarrior Android Enthusiast

  3. mystik1

    mystik1 Well-Known Member

    It would be cool to be able to set a proper name to caller ID instead of location (which is incorrect in my case) without paying extra. I mean, I am perfectly fine with buying an app, but I don't want to pay for minutes.
  4. darksk1n

    darksk1n Newbie

    yeah the whole paying for minutes thing is what erks me. i love the app idea though.
  5. Gypsy Queen

    Gypsy Queen Newbie

    The best one is Bluff My Call. You can spoof for free an unlimited amount of times but you are limited to a 2 minute call. The paid app gives you the option to change your voice and record the call and there is no time restriction. The problem, however, is that this app is not made for Android. :(
  6. darksk1n

    darksk1n Newbie

    well then perhaps thats not the BEST now is it?
  7. mystik1

    mystik1 Well-Known Member

    Yea, the 2 minute thing rules that one out.
  8. darksk1n

    darksk1n Newbie

    Lmao no the NOT AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID rules it out. They said the paid version is unlimited. The app she described is GREAT but idk why she mentioned it if its not even available for android....it was kind of a tease lol
  9. mystik1

    mystik1 Well-Known Member

    haha, yea, that doesn't do any of us any good, then. :) I didn't check it once I heard the 2 minute thing.
  10. Gypsy Queen

    Gypsy Queen Newbie

    Well its the best one I'm familiar with but I only know of Bluff and Spoof. And you can't do shit on Spoof without paying...so yeah to me a 2 minute limit IS better if its free. I mentioned it as I JUST got my Hero and had a blackberry and had the best f'n time with that app! lol. I also mentioned it because I understand it may be coming to android soon. And another thing, Bluff my Call allows you to spoof for free using their website. Not sure if Spoof does.
  11. wirelessguy79

    wirelessguy79 Lurker

    If you are looking for a Fake Call app, search the market for:
    Fake a Call- FREE
    Fake Call Ringer PRO- FREE
    Fake Call Me- FREE

    Just to name a few
  12. bob2300

    bob2300 Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks but those are apps that fake a phone call so you can leave. The app im looking for calls someone, disguises your voice, and shows up as a different number.
  13. davidvc

    davidvc Lurker

    I have "Bluff my call" on my Android and it works great :)
  14. felixtkat0

    felixtkat0 Lurker

    To be more specific....

    As of August 2010 the bill passed in the House, but has not been passed in the Senate. This Act is not law.

    The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2010 states the following...

    “Amends the Communications Act of 1934 to make it unlawful for any person in the United States, in connection with any real time voice communications, regardless of the technology or network used, to cause any caller identification service to transmit misleading or inaccurate caller identification information ("spoofing") with the intent to defraud or deceive. Prohibits construing this Act to prevent blocking caller identification. Declares that this Act does not prohibit lawfully authorized investigative, protective, or intelligence activity of a law enforcement agency of the United States, a state, or a political subdivision of a state, or of a U.S. intelligence agency.”


    It is unlikely this law will be enforced for the occasional prankster. As long as you are not covering up your phone number to commit fraud, you are probably pretty safe.
  15. Gomez.alexis3

    Gomez.alexis3 Newbie

    I have it! You can change your voice male or female record the call all of that
    If you can teach me how to upload it or post the link ill gladly do it
  16. Gomez.alexis3

    Gomez.alexis3 Newbie

    I have it! You can change your voice male or female record the call all of that
    If you can teach me how to upload it or post the link ill gladly do it.. It has the 2 minute limit but all features are unlocked
  17. how can you find out the real number that is calling you using this app?
    i am getting harassing phone calls, from someone clearly using this app. ive gone to the verizon store and the police...
    can anyone help?
  18. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Android Expert

    Which app do you have? I have been using the caller ID Fake for a couple months now. It gives you two free minutes which is all I need. I don't usually talk I just call people and I either have there own number show up and freak them out or I have been doing 867-5309 for a joke. But the new version has this voicemail thing and it quit working and I think I had to set it up for voicemail which I don't even remember the password I put in but now when I call people it doesn't ring to them it just ask me for my password which I forgot. This happened a week or so ago and I uninstalled and reinstalled and got it working again but now it won't work again. I have the EVO and may try Bluff My Call but a couple people said it didn't work now on 2.2 froyo but Caller ID Fake was cool it let you use man woman record even if it was just for 2 minutes. Anyone else have problems with caller ID fake ringing to voicemail and not the person your calling?

  19. Greenwood

    Greenwood Lurker

    Only bad thing is you only get two calls per 24hr period so make them count. ;)
  20. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Android Expert

    This is an old thread but I put on my phone Caller ID Faker the APK I had from my old phone and it wouldn't work it kept force closing. Then I did find one in the play store and it gives you 3 in a 24 hour period. I don't use it that often but it's funny when people see 867-5309 on there phone and sometimes I will leave a short VM and say this is Jenny call me. LOL! Some people don't get it! But what really freaks people out is when it used to let your own cell phone number call it's self. My old app that I got online wasn't in the ap store that keeps force closing you could put a plus sign and you didn't need an area code.

  21. electricpete

    electricpete Android Expert

    I have no interest in hiding or bluffing my phone number. But my 13 year old daughter told me you can hide your id by entering *67 before the called number.
  22. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Android Expert

    Yeah that's been known... I don't hide my number and at home I hit *82 cause my number is private and I want it to show up to most people or they won't answer. But when I call people from 867-5309 it's a joke and they know it's me. LOL!


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