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Caller ID Images Now Poor Quality

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by catmoff, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. catmoff

    catmoff Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Since I loaded the OTA update on my Eris I've had pretty much all the known issues, including silent bug. I did a hard reset this morning (knowing well from too much reading that I'll probably still need a new handset because it won't fix the silent bug) but I totally thought it would fix the issue of my contact id photos appearing suuuper grainy when I make or receive a call. Minor issue, yes. But totally annoying when this didn't happen EVER before the update.

    Anyone know a fix? I couldn't find any answers by searching.

    Most of my contact pictures are from Facebook.

    Thank you!

  2. cmajpwc

    cmajpwc Android Enthusiast

    I experienced something similar. What I did to fix it was just change the profile picture. It then looked fine. Since yours are mostly from Facebook, I'm not too sure how to fix that. But I just changed mine and they now look fine.
  3. dis3as3d

    dis3as3d Lurker

    I noticed the same thing... kind of anoying.
  4. leebsammy

    leebsammy Well-Known Member

    theres a fix i found (this is assuming your facebook contact images are whats blurry),

    select a person under contacts page, click call, hang up after 1 ringhit back to go to the contacts page, wait 5-15 seconds. you'll see the image next to the name resize itself. then call again and it should be clear.

    worked for me on 2.1v1 and 2.1v2.
  5. capnfatpants

    capnfatpants Lurker

    I have the same thing happen to me. It is only for my facebook contacts, although i haven't found a way to override those pictures with my own. i haven't found a need to do anything tricky like call them and hangup, it just fixes itself after a while. I'm guessing, the low-res is just a cached pic and it takes a while for the pic to refresh from facebook.

    just my thought process, at least.
  6. leebsammy

    leebsammy Well-Known Member

    yeah if you let it sit on the contacts page for a while i would assume that works too. i was just impatiant and bored in class one day and found the other method.
  7. catmoff

    catmoff Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This does nothing for me. :( Plus, I'm not going to call and hang up on every contact just to get a clear photo.

    I also have some contact id photos set up with photos I took with the phone, and they are grainy when they show up in caller id. They are NOT grainy in the photo album. So there is a bug in the caller id function itself, it seems. Lame. Why have a pretty hi-res screen if it doesn't work in simple ways??
  8. uceagle21

    uceagle21 Newbie

    i have all of my contacts linked to facebook, however none of the pictures are showing up for the caller id. not sure how to fix this, any ideas?
  9. I have the same issue, but it does seem intermittent, which makes it that much more difficult to troubleshoot. Sorry, no ideas on a fix.

    Have you tried synching your facebook account? Settings>Accounts & synch>Facebook

    I would assume you would have tried that already, but thought I would mention it anyway. Good luck.
  10. dawnstacie

    dawnstacie Member

    I downloaded the syncmypix app and it helped! Try that!
  11. zeroleonheart

    zeroleonheart Member

    I've found that shutting off contact syncing on Google contacts, and reassigning the contact pics is the only way to keep the hi-res photos. Hope that helps.
  12. How do you do this
  13. The grainy issue has to do with selecting the size of contact photos, small medium or large. I believe if the are on medium or large, that is when theu are grainy. Ill find the spot to change this... and edit this post to tell you how. It was like that for me, bit i fixed it.
  14. MirrorriM

    MirrorriM Newbie

    I have a similar problem. I use the favorites app with my contacts photos synced to facebook. Whenever I go to the app, all the pictures appear normal. Then after 1 second, some of them turn grainy. Same exact photo, except now all in grain. Sometimes it eventually fixes itself, other times it doesnt.

    Also noticed a new problem: Just went to the favorites app, everything looked fine. Then after 1 second, ONLY the photos that have "facebook updates" (with a little number in a green circle next to their name) switch to a blank white head (as if there is no photo on file).
  15. zeroleonheart

    zeroleonheart Member

    When you post the way to do it, I'll try it. Shutting off Google contact sync isn't an ideal fix, just a cure to a minor annoyance.

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