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Calling kotlin from java shows "Cannot resolve symbol" for classes and methods called

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Anand Suthar, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. Anand Suthar

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    There are two modules:
    1. app (main/application module which contains both Java and Kotlin classes)
    2. lib-wrapper (Android-library module which contains Java classes)
    lib-wrapper is published on the Amazon S3 bucket and used as a library dependency in app module. Proguard rules are applied for the lib-wrapper. It was all working fine till now.

    Then converted all the classes of lib-wrapper from java to kotlin.
    • Now, all the java classes (in app module) which are calling lib-wrapper methods show “Cannot resolve symbol” in red.

    • There is no problem with kotlin classes (in app module) which are calling lib-wrapper methods.

    • Even with “Cannot resolve symbol” in java classes, app compiles and runs without error. But for new users it is very tough to use lib-wrapper as it won’t show library classes and methods as an auto-complete suggestion.

    • Decompiling the apk file, lib-wrapper classes shows all intended classes and methods are public and public members are plain/de-obfuscated. (Which is expected.)

    • If I disable Proguard (“minifyEnabled false” in lib-wrapper’s build.gradle), everything works fine.
    So I added below kotlin specific proguard rules in lib-wrapper's proguard-rules.pro file, but didn't help :
    -keep class kotlin.*.* { *; }
    -keep class kotlin.Metadata { *; }
    -dontwarn kotlin.**
    -keepclassmembers class **$WhenMappings {
    -keepclassmembers class kotlin.Metadata {
    public <methods>;
    -assumenosideeffects class kotlin.jvm.internal.Intrinsics {
    public static void checkParameterIsNotNull(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String);

    Plugins used in lib-wrapper’s build.gradle file:
    apply plugin: 'com.android.library'
    apply plugin: 'kotlin-android'
    apply plugin: 'maven-publish'
    apply plugin: 'org.jetbrains.dokka-android'

    Plugins used in app module’s build.gradle file:
    apply plugin: 'com.android.application'
    apply plugin: 'kotlin-android'

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  2. leeladonna

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