Help Calls interrupting GPS.


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I remember HTC at a show in the UK announced that their new sense was going to offer a feature that when you were getting turn by turn directions and while a call came in it was supposed to display the call discretely inside the nav app so your session would not be interrupted. Now I have been using nav and have received calls and its annoying when it just hijacks your whole screen and makes u miss turns. Did that feature make it on the 3D by default or do you need to enable it? It is a very nice feature to have and would be unfortunate if it did not make it on the Evo 3D.


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My guess: That ability might be restricted to GSM (or for our CDMA 3D phone when connected to 4G).

When our CDMA phone is connected to 3G, it can't take a call and get data at the same time - and calls get priority.

However, if you are using google maps application, you can cache data to your phone (download tiles for 10 square miles I think) and then, you should be able to take phone calls at the same time.

I do not know which application HTC used for the demo, or whether that sense feature was built into the EVO 3D's version of the sense application