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CallSnatcher [App]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by classicwinters, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. classicwinters

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    Jul 4, 2011

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    Watch this video just to see how fast!

    CallSnatcher is the fastest and easiest way to block unwanted calls.

    CallSnatcher looks innocent and user friendly, but under its bright blue exterior is a professional call blocking veteran ready for action. CallSnatcher promises to become the fastest way to block your unwanted calls and even block calls you never saw coming.

    There are four profiles available right out of the download ready for customization. Tap profile you want activated and let CallSnatcher do the rest.

    Love telemarketer calls? No problem. Just turn off SmartBlock and you can enjoy all the free conversation to your heart's content.

    Long Pressing: it's not as intuitive as just tapping. Not everyone has a knack for knowing where to long-press, but CallSnatcher will give you your chops for long-pressing call blocks:

    Long press the number field to add from Contacts.

    Long press the Profiles to Edit and Long Press the Editing List to Delete.
    Too much long-pressing? CallSnatcher might not be for you.

    Now while your CallSnatcher is busy taking up all your unwanted calls, you can enjoy --> PLACE ACTIVITY HERE <-- with all the time and annoyance you saved.

    + Support for International Numbers up to 16 digits
    + SmartBlock updates daily with new blacklisted numbers
    + Clean and Easy to Use Interface
    + Support for Problems and Issues


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