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Discussion in 'Android Development' started by vonkal, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. vonkal

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    Jul 13, 2011

    Jul 13, 2011
    Hello to all on this forum.

    I have a Flash application running on my site that I want to develop into an Android app. I would not require some of the bells and whistles that are currently on the application, but a simple sub-set of how it works now. The flash application can be found here:
    (Hope this URL is allowed here as it will help people understand what I want to do.)

    I have all the source files and programming for this and hoped they would be of some help in developing the Android app. But of course, I have no idea if this is any help at all to whoever develops the app for me.

    Anyway, before trying to source a developer to do this for me, I thought I should ask a few questions to see if this is even something practical. So I hope some of you can give me some guidance regarding my questions.

    1) Are most applications stand alone in the mobile phone, or is it common for some of these apps to access the network to get the necessary data required to operate? My purpose requires a database that is currently 14 megs, and must be accessible to the app, although only small portions of it are needed at any one time.

    2) Are there varying systems within the Android family, or versions of the operating system that need to be accounted for?

    3) Are there good reasons to develop for both Android and iPhone together? I mean from a cost to develop point of view? Or would it likely be just as effective to develop for Android, then move on to iPhone, or others, as is appropriate?

    4) I am guessing that if you have looked at the flash version of our Calorie Counter, you could probably give an educated guess as to what it might cost to replicate a scaled down version for Android. So please, take a stab at it if you can.



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