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camera 360

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by whypapa, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. whypapa

    whypapa Lurker
    Thread Starter

    There is a great camera app called Camera 360 that I have installed and uninstalled a few times recently due to battery usage issues that I can not seem to resolve.

    There are a number of threads dedicated to this app on many of the other phone specific threads here. While half the posts are raving about how great the app is, most of the complaints are battery use related and not very intelligently written. ie. alot of one liners like "sucks battery" The app has a few great effects that I love using and if I could get it to shut down, I'm fine that it might be a battery hog while it is running.

    I installed the app again yesterday and used it to take four test shots then fully backed out using the back key on my dinc and used the quit button to quit the application. I then verified in "running apps" that the app was closed and went to check the battery usage and it was at about 43% for this app. I think time since unplug was about 8hrs.

    I left the phone alone and plugged it in overnight. In the morning I unplugged and checked after about 5 minutes, It was still showing about 41% battery usage for Camera 360 compared with android system at about 45%, cell standby at about 20%, phone idle at about 20% and the others minimal at about 2%

    It would seem that there is some process running that does not show in the running apps. Does anyone know what is going on with this thing? Is the app leaving something running that the DInc doesn't know how to deal with? Does the battery use indicator not know that this app is shut down? I can't get normal battery readings again until I uninstall this thing.

    Any intelligent research on this subject would be appreciated. This app has the potential to be fantastic but with these unresolved issues it is really too much headache than it is worth.

  2. jrmckins

    jrmckins Android Expert

    I haven't noticed a battery drain when I use the app. Have you tried your test while using a task killer to kill it?
  3. whypapa

    whypapa Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After you close the app does the battery usage go away?
  4. jrmckins

    jrmckins Android Expert

  5. Essjaye

    Essjaye Lurker

    I also notice this. After Camera 360 exists I can see that it is no longer running as it's not listed as a running app. in "Settings - Manage Applications". Also not listed in ES Task Killer.

    Yesterday, I used Camera360 briefly in the morning and then exited. At the end of the day the "battery use" breakdown said that Camera 360 had used over 90% of the battery, but despite this my battery level at the end of the day was higher than at the end of most normal days. (Usually by 10pm it's down to below 20%, but yesterday it still had 40% remaining.)

    My conclusion is that Camera 360 does not use excessive battery at all but perhaps corrupts the statistics that the "battery use" indicator displays. For me it's not a problem until I actually witness the battery running out earlier than normal. It does mean that you can't use the battery usage statistics though, which might be a problem for some people.
  6. sasopu

    sasopu Lurker

    In my experience, after using c360 and closing it, the battery drain is huge, despite killing it wit a tk after a while. A reeboot did the trick and stopped the drain.
  7. Clevo89

    Clevo89 Well-Known Member

    Are you suggesting you reboot after using it each time?

    I'v only been using the app for a couple of days and notice the battery drains very quickly while using it but not when I exit out.
  8. mamboandrew

    mamboandrew Lurker

    I have installed and uninstalled camera 360 several times and it always makes my phone run hot and drains the battery.
  9. powerdroid

    powerdroid Lurker

    My battery life vary's from day to day, I wouldn't have thought the 360 camera app would have anything to do with it untill I read this post on the review section in google play

    now I don't know about FBI investigation but is there a chance this app contains spy ware that is running the batterylife down?
  10. WhizzNoob

    WhizzNoob Lurker

    Camera360 leaves TWO processes running in the background even when it's closed with task killers: GPhotoService (15MB) and CloudShareService (4.1MB). Kill these two process after using Camera360 and you will be fine. Sometimes you can actually wipe the drain completely, sometimes you can only push it down to 2-3%. I don't know why.
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  11. ErnieAd

    ErnieAd Lurker

    Would it be correct to say that any information could be transmitted to wherever when these services are operating?

  12. ErnieAd

    ErnieAd Lurker

    Not sure if I should start another thread or continue with this one. I have a question concerning sharing with Camera360. I can't share a picture to say "Facebook" without it embedding the photo in a "share template". Is there a solution to this?
  13. DomiPerry

    DomiPerry Lurker

    I also had the same issue with that brand of camera. I was so troubled fixing the stuff. So what I did was. I bought a new and branded 360 camera.

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