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Dec 18, 2010
I know there was a thread on this after the upgrade, but the search function doesn't seem to be working and I can't find it.

With the 2.2 upgrade, the ability to turn off location tagging on pictures was removed. Was there ever a way found to turn it off? I think someone suggested another camera, but I don't recall which.
turn your GPS off before useing the camera. also goto settings-location and security and make sure use wireless networks isnt check marked.

Yeah, but that's a hassle for when I DO want my phone to find the location, like for my weather widget or Google maps. I'd rather just run the small risk of having locations on my photos than go through that. To me it's stupid that you can't turn it off and seems there HAS to be a better way.
I'm running GR-12 on my Cappy and that option is there in the camera settings to have it either on or off. You may have to go with a custom ROM if you want that feature.
I am thinking of buying the Kodak Playsport Digital you think this camera is fine to transfer files over to the analyzer software? It transfers files in .mov and I believe that Kinovea supports that file format. I will be analyzing High Jump (Track and Field).

No way to turn it off on the stock 2.2 firmware. Need to go with a custom hacked ROM, or wait for 2.3 and cross our fingers that the setting comes back like it appears it will.