camera apk update restored when restart

i have device. and i want update my camera in my device. i have camera.apk with new version and i install it and works with new version. but when i reboot/ restart device. the camera back / restore to previous version / original camera version.

how to fix the camera app so the camera update not restore to previous version when restart?




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Hi Alex,

My guess is that you'd need to root the device in order to replace the original camera app. Otherwise the original app is still in the system area, and I expect that's why it reverts on a reboot.

(I've replaced camera.apk on my - rooted - device, but often found it a bit of a fiddle. The most reliable way I found was to uninstall, clean up the dalvik cache, then install the new one, but you should always take a nand backup before messing with system apps).