Help camera app fails 100% of the time


When I start the camera or camcorder app, they fail every time with this error message "Sorry! The application Camera ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." and a Force Close button. I know they transferred everything from my Motorola phone.. could there be an incompatibility problem with data transferred from my Motorola or is the camera hardware just faulty? Are there any steps I can take to troubleshoot?
Thanks in advance


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Have you d/l'd any camera apps? Here's how I would deal with it-

1- soft reset (Hold power button till menu, power off phone, power back on)
If not fixed then-
2- hard reset (menu> settings> SD Card & Phone Storage> Factory Reset)
If not fixed then-
3- Return to store


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my camera also fc sometimes and gotta do battery pull. i thought i was over this after i went from wm to android. do a factory reset. if that doesn't fix it then return it. i had this phone for more then 30 days, had to return one cuz of system failure wouldn't past android boot screen. i noticed this phone has a lot of glitches. its a new phone. i hope samsung will hurry up and release firmware updated to fix some of the issues. i would've went with htc hero but no physical keyboard. they support their phones really well. htc needs to make a slider android phone. i would so buy it.


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I talked to the Sprint store I purchased it from, they had me call a second level support number to see if they could do any troubleshooting. They weren't able to do any troubleshooting and said that it sounded like a hardware issue and recommended returning the phone for exchange at the Sprint store. So I will be doing that later today when they get their next shipment of phones. Thanks for the replies.