Nov 15, 2009
I've been playing with my camera today, and finally figure out how to take decent pix, but after scrolling through my album, I tried to go to the camera again, but now everytime I try the screen is black. And it stays black even after I remove my battery. A few times, I couldn't even get to home--the screen just stayed black.

Now it's still black when I go to the camera, but at least I can access home without having to remove my battery.

I called Bestbuy and they said I can exchange, but I'm afraid I might get one with a messed up GPS. :-( Will Bestbuy fix it or make me exchange? Will Sprint fix it even though I'm still in my 30-day trial?
I had the same thing happen to me as well, but again, it was the screen brightness in quick settings. Try taking a picture. For me, it still took pictures that I could view, which seemed to indicate a software problem. Dialed back the brightness on quick settings and it works fine.