Feb 19, 2011
OK so all of a sudden when I try to open the camera (tried both 2D and 3D camera icons) it crashes and I get the "Sorry! The application Camera (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." . I have tried restarts, removing the battery, uninstalling any apps that I have put on today since I know it worked last night.

Any other ideas before I take it back to the store?
I know this sounds kind of obvious, but did you do something right before it started force-closing all the time? Or did the phone do something like a freeze?
Nope I used the camera last night and it worked. The only thing I did with it today other than text was download and run AnTuTu benchmarks and took a couple screen shots. I tried deleting the app to see if it helped and the camera still crashes.
OK I fixed it, went to settings/applications/manage applications then under the "all" tab I went down to camera and clicked "clear data" and it works again.
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Thanks, Lason! I awoke to this problem today & was getting really frustrated. This seems to have fixed it.
When you clear data to get the camera to work again, does it clear all pictures that you have stored in the phone, does it also clear any of the numbers you have on phone, all in all, what data does it "clear" specifically?