Aug 13, 2012
Okay, I don't know where to start. It was out of nowhere. I have a TMobile Samsung s2. My phone works fine, everything works well so I never thought of backing up my pictures. I've only had it since February.
I was using my phone an hour ago when suddenly it started glitching.. the buttons (like, home, search, back) were not working.. I waited a little and it worked. I went to my pictures folder and I see that my first folder, the camera folder is gone!!!!!! I did not delete it, nor came close to. Its simply gone!!! All my pictures from 7 months!!! I'm freaking out!

PLEASE PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP! How did that even happen? I'm so.pissed! It's a smart phone and I paid so much for this, it shouldn't have problems like this :(

Forgot to mention that I have probably 7 more folders and they're all here. Only the camera folder is gone!

Thank you
Welcome to the forums, Mallory.
Sorry to hear about your problem. Have you gone into Astro (or any other file system browser) and look up a folder named DCIM? That should be where your photos are stored.
I just downloaded Astro and couldn't find it.. I also connected the usb to my laptop like i always do and the folder DCIM was there, but the Camera folder that's always in there, was not :/ Do you have any idea of what could have made this happen? I'm so lost and still cant accept that it deleted my whole folder!

Thanks for the reply!
Wow, that's really bizarre. Is it possible the folder got moved somehow? Have you tried searching your entire phone for camera?
What happens if you take a photo now, where does the image show up?
Yup. I looked for it everywhere! Didn't find anything. I tried installing this software on my pc to help restore deleted pictures. It kind of worked because it only recovered some. And half of those recovered ended up being 300x400 and not the original 1600x1200. Sigh
I tried taking a picture. It shows exactly where the other ones were. In the camera folder. All the other pictures are gone. I have one, the one I just took.
You just got schooled on why to always, always, always have backups. I have multiple copies of everything important.

You can setup a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive to immediately backup photos and videos.