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Hi, Is there any way to take pictures that use the full aspect ratio of the screen? Using the stock photo app, they are almost square with the sides cut off (on 8Mp resolution anyway).



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Lenses take circular pictures generally, so to get the highest resolution without being circular images are cropped to square (or nearly). If you want 16:9 from a circular image, the cropping is more extensive so the resolution has to be lower.

Hope that explains..



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Most people want the picture to have the normal aspect ratio to print out for 4x6 print, 5x7 or 8x10 photo frames, so they don't want wide picture that they will have to crop out too much stuff. The camera was designed to take non-wide frame picture as the highest resolution so most of the picture can be used. The best you could do if you want wide aspect pic is to change the resolution of Note II camera to the 6M wide one.