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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by x2CHRIS6x, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. x2CHRIS6x

    x2CHRIS6x Member
    Thread Starter

    I was wondering if it is possible to rotate a picture in the gallery by just turning the phone? Also is it possible to turn the camera when taking a picture like say I want to hold the phone vertical?
    Thank you all

    STILL love this freaking phone

    Okay I had auto rotate off so the gallery pics are fixed but is it not possible to rotate the camera before a picture is taken?

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  2. you2

    you2 Android Expert

    I just did a quick test and it appears so - the gallery show horizontal pictures horizontal and vertical pictures vertically - is that what you wanted ?
    Also it is possible to rotate the picture after you take it - in the camera - hit the picture you've taken - then setting then edit then rotate.

    The "My Gallery" will also allow you to edit hte image and rotate if you wish.

  3. x2CHRIS6x

    x2CHRIS6x Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay let me try and be more specific.
    On the iPod :)( SORRRRY!!!!) if I am taking a pic vertically the camera icon is facing up when I turn the iPod on its side the camera turns with iPod. When I turn the iPod 180 degrees the camera icon is supposed to be upside down but the camera icon turns 180 degrees too so I am never taking a side ways pic. Could I make the RAZR do this? Or does this phone only take pics with the speaker to the left and the microphone to the right?
  4. AllYellow

    AllYellow Lurker

    Regardless of how you take the picture, it should rotate right-side-up when you move around your phone. For example, even if you hold your phone upside down while taking a picture, afterwards the picture should rotate when you turn the phone back right-side-up. If that makes sense.
  5. x2CHRIS6x

    x2CHRIS6x Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeahhh that makes sense. I guess the camera is limited to the position but not a big deal.

    **Side Note
    I have had my phone unplugged for about 5 hours and it still at 100% battery, no use of course, but still pretty ballin

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