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Hi There

I have had some problems taking pictures where I am getting lines across the picture or sometimes worse as per the attachment.

The image seems to have a part of another image overlayed at the top but this image seems to be what was at the side when I was taking the picture.

I am running Leedroid on a unbranded Desire.

Is this just a ROM issue? I am going to try out a the sense 2.1 version of Leedroid today and will report back with if I get the same problem.



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Thanks I did search before but nothing matched what I was experiencing. They were when they had horizontal lines only.
This is mainly an issue with the picture problem as above.

Never noticed the edit. That doesn't really fit either though as this only occurs after the pic has been taken.

I have been running the HD Port and not had the problem but not really taken pictures though.

If it happens again I will repost here.
Oldish thread I know but I had the exact same problem as in the attachment. Seemed to only affect lower light photos and problem persisted across rebooted.

Resolution was to disable "auto enhance" but I'm running the Leedroid Desire HD port / Sense 3.0 so not sure if its an option on a stock Desire.