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Support Camera Lock Screen Launch when password protected?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Convert, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Convert

    Convert New Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 26, 2012
    I'm a recent iPhone convert. There's only a few things that I miss so far, and one of them is being able to launch the camera right away from a lock screen, EVEN WITH password protection.

    I love my Galaxy Samsung III -- I just wish I had a way to temporarily save photos, and then go into the phone after and work with them. Is there any 3rd party application or theme that allows us to do this?

    Right now, I can add the "swipe lock" feature, but I still have to enter my password before the camera app opens. Because I have work emails on my phone, I cannot remove the password as an easy solution.

    Thanks for any tips! Hopefully Jelly Bean will have an update that allows this sort of "temp" storage of photos, if there's no way around it now.


  2. gpradar

    gpradar New Member

    Oct 23, 2012
    This was maddening to me as well- I just got an S3, and while my wife would be snapping a photo straight from her lockscreen I would be fiddling around trying to unlock my phone and get to a camera app.

    Just figured out a way to directly access the camera from a password/pattern secured lockscreen last night after digging around for an answer to this same question.

    I use Vignette quite a bit as my main camera app- it has an option in the settings menu to "Keep screen unlocked" (Prevent the screen from locking while Vignette is open) which I always have enabled. This makes it so when walking around taking photos I could have direct access to the camera without having to go through a lock screen. Downside is that Vignette stays open all the time.

    Figured out that a nifty side-effect of whatever voodoo they do to keep the phone unlocked also makes the app usable via Widgetlocker, even when the phone is locked via a pattern lock.

    Install Vignette, make sure "Keep Screen Unlocked" is enabled in the options menu, install Widgetlocker, then make Vignette a custom slider in Widgetlocker, and voila, you have direct access to a camera app via Widgetlocker even if a pattern lock is enabled on the phone. I also have images saving to the external SD card- not sure if that setting would matter or not.

    It's not a universal solution, but for those that just want quick direct access to a good camera app via the lockscreen, it works.

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