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I bought the X2 yesterday for my wife, and I took some video last night. It worked fine. However, since that first video recording, the camera will not focus - auto focus or continuous focus settings do nothing to solve the issue. I have tried both the camera and camcorder - reset the phone - nothing helps.

Any ideas?



It appears that mine does not focus either. Near or far objects. Looks terrible. Tried playing with settings, not that much to play with.

I also noticed that switching to camera function there's a detectable click in the device. Something that was not there in my X1. Switching to video mode, same thing. Same with turning on the LED light with the teslaLED app (which is not very responsive at all. App usually forces closed). Anyone else have that little click?

I must say I'm missing Liberty ROM. And I think I have a bum device.


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I took the phone back to the store on Friday and asked them what we were doing wrong. After playing with it and a reset, they gave us a new phone without us asking.

The new one works much better!



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I thought the camera focus worked well. Wish the dev that worked on that- also worked on the memory, Flash and media intergration ;) ..... :(


I have tested both my Droid X2 AND one at the Verizon Store. We could see absolutely NO focusing being done in the camcorder mode.
E.g. focus is on a distant object and a very nearby object is placed in front of the camera. Nothing happens. In other phones (and cameras) the distant objects would go out of focus and the near object would come into focus.
See this link for a demo on how auto-focus SHOULD work.
Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update and continuous focus officially demoed [Video] | Xperia X10 Blog
Please test your phones and report if you have auto-focus in video mode.