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Camera not working in Nexus One

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by krish7919, May 29, 2011.

  1. krish7919

    krish7919 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am using an un-rooted Nexus One phone with Froyo (2.2.1).
    The camera has stopped working unexpectedly.
    Whenever I start the camera app, it gives me the error:
    "Activity Camers (in application Camera) is not working"
    It gives me the option to wait, force close or report.

    If I select wait, it just hangs in there and pops the above msg again.

    If I force close the app, and try to start it again, I get the error:
    "Cannot connect to camera"

    The last thing I did with the phone was to copy songs to the SD card.
    The phone did not fall down and is always handled properly.
    This happened all of a sudden.
    I browsed through a lot of posts and I have factory reset the phone twice and formatted SD card, even swapped SD cards, but no luck yet.

    I am based in India, the phone was bought in the US, I have no warranty.

    Any help will be appreciated.


  2. JDlawyer

    JDlawyer Member

    Same thing happened to me shortly after I got the phone. Camera would not work at all. Phone wouldn't even detect the camera. But since I was one of the original buyers I had HTC swap the phone for me. At the time they told me that they had never run into a problem like this. Try to call HTC and see if they would be willing to replace the phone for you. You have nothing to lose by trying. If this doesn't work then you will either have to live without a camera or get a new phone.
  3. gpwell

    gpwell Lurker

    same exact thing here when I put songs on the sd card. also did a hard reset which seemed to make things worse. Now the entire display fails when I pick up any call from ppl whose contact info has been synched facebook. so basically anyone with a contact photo who calls me, causes my display to fail. the only way to turn it back on is by doing a soft reset or plugging into the charger.
    What a mess...
  4. junktrux

    junktrux Lurker

    The HTC nexus one has turned out to be junk!! The only thing worse is HTC NOT honoring their warranty as my phone is only 2 months old, bought in June 2011. When trying to use either the camera or making or receiving calls the phone blacks out and one has to either pull the battery or plug in the charger!!! HTC would NOT help and even said they knew about the issue but wont honor the warranty because it was sold to me by a Canadian phone company called Videotron. And of course Videotron says they dont know what the hell HTC is talking about because HTC should honor the warranty because they ARE the manufacturer!!!! So the lesson learned here is DO NOT BUY ANY HTC PRODUCTS!!!!!
    Anyone out there know how to fix the faulty hardware inside, cause the CS rep lit it slip that the camera portion is definitely the cause and if I would have bought the PHONE from a US vendor, Then HTC would honor the warranty. I've never heard of such bullshit!! Help me if you can, thanks everyone and anyone!!!

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