camera not working related to NAND?


Long story short I had to reflash my tablet and everything is fine except for the camera. There is an error message about "SD card or memory not ready...???" Anybody know what this is referring to? I asked the manufacturer and they said it has to do with flashing the NAND. Here is what they replied with "... if you re-install the software but the Camera is not working ,that's because when you re-install the software,the OS will creat a file named "NAND data",you need to add it to FWDN. If you did this step,then the Camera is workable."

So i guess i need to flash the base Rom, then create NAND and then flash that on top the base rom I just flashed? Does that sound right? I guess this prepares the internal memory for use by the camera and other apps or something?

If anyone knows what this is referring to I would greatly appreciate some help.