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Camera on G2...why does it suck

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by snakkula, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. snakkula

    snakkula Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've really had no luck taking pictures with my G2 for Verizon. Pics are blurry or look pixel Like..I'm really disappointed. I got this phone with the 13mpx camera being a huge deciding factor. In good light, even the slightest movement causes the pic to blurry. In lower light settings the pics can still be blurry and looks pixely or genuinely crappy. .is there a preferred setting for it to be on? My boyfriend has the s4 and his photos are amazing, but in reviews and speaking to consultants at Verizon, they all said this phone was a tad better in cam quality. I feel like I try way too hard to take a decent photo...I feel like my iPhone 4 had better quality photos with the 5 mpx. .

    Help? With settings? Suggestions?

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  2. Ken7

    Ken7 Android Expert

    Very odd snakkula. Almost everyone is reporting great results with the G2 camera. I too am amazed by the results from the camera and having had an S4, I'd give the edge to the G2. The camera has OIS, so I can't begin to imagine why you're having blurry results in good light.

    The default settings should be fine. Settings like HDR won't really help the blurriness, but will help a bit with exposure in contrasty settings.
  3. snakkula

    snakkula Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Ken. Is this something that could be a fluke on the phone?
  4. Ken7

    Ken7 Android Expert

    Might be. Why not go back to the Verizon store with your phone and test it alongside of their demo. You can try this at a Best Buy store too. That would tell you if there's an issue with yours.
  5. I had a similar situation, especially noticeable in my 1080p 60fps recording. Barely looked like 480p and fast movement was blurred beyond recognition. I was under the 14 days warranty guarantee so the store replaced my unit with a brand new one and since then, my video recording/pics have been much better (tested it playing in a vball league match).
  6. kkel19

    kkel19 Well-Known Member

    you guys do know that there is a blue film that you have to take off on the camera right....look closely...
  7. Ken7

    Ken7 Android Expert

    ^ Just to clarify, the blue film covers the metal that surrounds the lens, it's not on the lens itself.
  8. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Others have reported that with the rear button placement, there is a higher likelihood of leaving fingerprint smudges on the camera lens. Just something to double check.
  9. snakkula

    snakkula Newbie
    Thread Starter

    They had some kind of sapphire coating to prevent that I thought,and its sensitive to movement. Like it'll focus on the photo and when I press the shutter button, if anything moves in the slightest, the pic is junk
  10. snakkula

    snakkula Newbie
    Thread Starter


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  11. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Sapphire coatings provide scratch resistance. No idea if there's an oleophobic coating, but they're not perfect anyway. Just a suggestion for something to check. Not saying it's the root cause.
  12. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    I rarely see big fixes, but have you tried any third party camera apps like: Camera ZOOM Fx, Vignette, or others. Sometimes it helps. Best of luck!
  13. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    Though it has protection coating, it's always good to check the lens cleanness.

    If not the lens surface issue, it's weird. Almost every review raves about G2 camera and samples by users on other forums look excellent.
  14. nj02vette

    nj02vette Android Expert

    I agree that the camera seems to be one of the best out there. I'd return.
  15. snakkula

    snakkula Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone. I'm gonna head back to the store today. Love this phone,maybe it was a fluke. I really don't want to get an s4 lol.
  16. Adauth

    Adauth Android Expert

    No such problems on mine. I am loving my G2 more and more everyday!
  17. taebojames

    taebojames Newbie

    My wife and I celebrated our anniversary last Saturday so I took several pictures with my G2. Every picture was blurry, dark, or pixelated. I had to take several pictures in order to get a few good ones. Even the good pics required modification afterwards. After three hours (spoke with three different people and provided sample pics) my carrier agreed I had a defective unit. Hopefully the replacement device fairs better, I really want to like this phone.
  18. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    Make sure and follow up describing the behavior of the replacement unit's camera.

    As much as we'd like to think, I think sub-assemblies are not "commodities". They could be multiply sourced, assembled, tested... essentially lotted. One lot might be great, and another not so. When assembled, the device "works", it just doesn't work like or as well as others do.
  19. Jastow

    Jastow Newbie

    I'm having the same issue as far as the blurring goes. My Nokia 920 is so much better in this respect (low light photos too). I keep reading good things about this phone's camera and seems I should swap it out. I tried some suggested settings (ISO) without luck. Maybe the battery is bad too 😉
  20. Tommie8811

    Tommie8811 Lurker

    Ok so I'm anxiously awaiting the user to respond to whether their swapped out phone fixed the issue..

    I'm coming from an iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S, so this is my first Android phone ever (the phone I had before the 3G was a Samsung Blackjack if that gives you any idea...). Anyways, the pictures are beautiful UNTIL there's even remotely low light. I'm sitting in my livingroom with 2 60 watt LED bulbs and 2 40 watt bulbs and the pictures are insanely blurry... If I point the camera at a light source for 5 seconds, it fixes itself and the refresh rate on the picture increases to like 60 and works great, but the second I pan away from the light source, it turns into a SUPER blurry mess. Holding the phone perfectly still, the pictures come out slightly blurry (or) look like they're watercolor pictures... I'll have to post some examples... I've ready nothing but 95% amazing reviews and a lot of people posting low-light clear pics, but mine are PRETTY BAD, especially compared to my 4s.

    Also, as far as the battery goes, I know the screen is HUGE and super bright, but the battery last significantly less time than my 4s. I would go through a full work day checking my iphone easily every 10 minutes and texting, calling, e-mailing, etc. and by the end of the work day I'd still be at 30-40% (before upgrading to ios7), but with the G2, I'll be at 50% before 1pm hits and have to charge it when I get home (and charging takes a solid 2+ hours to fully charge - whereas the 4s was about 30 mins).

    I'd really appreciate someone letting me know whether the exchange fixed the problem, because that will determine whether I exchange it for another or return it and wait for the Nexus 5?!?!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  21. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    Re: Camera, you might want to see if downloading another Camera application has the same behavior or not.

    Re: Battery, I guess I'd try fully charging (and then some) and fully discharging (till it shuts down)... maybe two or three cycles and see if the battery runtime is better.
  22. snakkula

    snakkula Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sorry everyone for the delay. In comparison to the model at the store, my phone actually took better photos. I'm really not sure what the issue is. Nothing could be found wrong with the camera. Everything worked as normal. I'm still not entirely happy. I have a few days before my 2 week return is up so I may see about ordering another
  23. Ken7

    Ken7 Android Expert

    So you're saying the store demo unit was not as good as yours and you can't take good pictures with yours? Wow, fthat's truly bizarre. I've had many smartphones, including IPhones, and to me the G2 takes the best stills. That may not be true of the video recording, but IMO (and apparently many of the websites reviewing the phone), the still pix are as good as any smartphone out there.

    Really curious how this pans out for you. Good luck.
  24. snakkula

    snakkula Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Replaced the phone, seems to be working well so far. Maybe it was a fluke device?
  25. strodda

    strodda Android Enthusiast

    Quite possibly just a bad one. I am very surprised and happy with the quality of photos this phone takes. Ive been using my 5mp Gnex and for day shots, I was happy... but the G2 @8MP, is so much better.

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