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Camera pictures not showing in gallery?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by black743, May 25, 2010.

  1. black743

    black743 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else have this problem? I take a photo and its not there and takes opening and closing the gallery a few times. Sometimes I have to take another photo and then they both show up. Is this a bug with 2.1 or is there a fix for this?

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  2. monsterenergy22

    monsterenergy22 Android Enthusiast

    happens to me too. if im not mistaken, its because the 3d 2.1 gallery is buggy. dont quote me on that though.

    ive also noticed when i playback videos that i recorded, they are very choppy and tend to freeze alot.
  3. Steve_OS

    Steve_OS Newbie

  4. Picaso86

    Picaso86 Member

    I have the same problem but i thought that it was because I was running a ROM (BBV10). is there a fix for this?
  5. sbursik

    sbursik Well-Known Member

    There is a work around. You can get a process killer and just kill the gallery and then go back into it and the new photos will show back up. OR you can reboot your phone if you want but that's just using a bigger hammer.
  6. Uranus633

    Uranus633 Lurker

    Mine show up about a minute or 2 later.
  7. jlittlec5

    jlittlec5 Newbie

    I have the same problem. I found that if I go back into the camera then back into the gallery, they show up. Agreed, it's annoying.
  8. jjl1911

    jjl1911 Newbie

    Happens to me too, randomly. Sometimes the pics are there right away, sometimes it takes a second or two. NBD to me.
  9. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    me 7 or whatever..... anybody get the random black picture or double picture out of nowhere??

    i am rooted with Jrummys ROM so im not complaining cause me phone looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  10. Spike760

    Spike760 Member

    I've had the camera thing happen before, and I think it happened when I saved an attachment from an email, it took it a while to show up in the Gallery. D:
    Hopefully Froyo will fix this bug?

    I've also experienced the video problem. In part of a video I took there's like a lag or something, it's kind of annoying, but I don't do much videos. So yeah. D:
  11. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Honestly, at one point, I thought (and still think) it has something to do with killing the gallery process/app. Once you get it going through the cycle of taking a picture and viewing it in the gallery, the pictures get restored to gallery with no problems. So, until I can say definitively, I think right now it has something to do with killing the process/app through apps like ATK or similar. Right now, for me, it works just fine, but I did experience this "bug." It's kind of like getting all your GMail, GVoice push notifications so long as you don't kill the Google Talk app/process. I think overall 2.1 doesn't play friendly with task killing.
  12. jaymdee

    jaymdee Newbie

    samething happening to my phone,ever since i updated to 2.1 my phone is buggy with everything. pictures dont show up until i turn phone and back on. really annoying
  13. XtremeAaron

    XtremeAaron Android Enthusiast

    Both my girlfriend and I are experiencing this problem. Agree, very annoying.
  14. Mark82308

    Mark82308 Lurker

    Photos on camera and gallery show up for a brief second and then disappear. I took out the battery yesterday and the problem was resolved buy today it is back. Are there any other gallery apps? Phone is a Samsung Moment with Sprint
  15. Mark82308

    Mark82308 Lurker

    system just crashed and the photos have been duplicated. WTF?
  16. bffhusker

    bffhusker Newbie

    I have had this problem and more. I have cleared Gallery data, rebooted, taken out battery>reboot, checked SD card from computer, used ASTRO file manager...pictures are GONE. Just recent pictures, not any from last week.

    I have also had tons of problems with lag, multimedia dock staying on, car dock suddenly appearing, just crap like that. This phone went from being awesome to something similar to MySpace... a junked up piece of crap that nobody wants to use anymore.

    I am very frustrated. Love the Android concept, but something seriously going wrong. Please let Froyo fix this {pray}.

    [Not rooted, stock-Gallery, etc.]
  17. kyleonfire

    kyleonfire Well-Known Member

    Somtimes I find it helps if you just take another picture. It usually will show up after
  18. Deanie

    Deanie Well-Known Member

    I experience this too. So I thought I'd take a photo and see if I could find a keyboard shortcut to refresh the gallery. What I found while messing around on my phone, if I drag the date slider to the left it showed August 15, 42411. What the heck is that?
  19. ilmar72

    ilmar72 Well-Known Member

    Relax. Ur pics should come back. I believe what happens is this. . When u take a picture it saves to the memory on the phone not the sd card. It then eventually gets written to the sd card. 2.1 did this to me several times. Later I noticed that the pics I thought I lost were in the gallery.
    I also noticed task killing the gallery sometimes accelerates getting ur pics. Probably because this refreshes the galleries library.
    I'm running froyo now . This no longer has been an issue thus far since I've been running it
  20. ilmar72

    ilmar72 Well-Known Member

    You lost me completely with this statement.
  21. Deanie

    Deanie Well-Known Member

    In the gallery, at the bottom there is a gray bar. Drag that to the right and it scrolls back in dates. Drag to the left and it goes forward in dates.

    Mine, at the left most, shows August 15, 42411, not the date of the latest photo.

    Does that make more sense?
  22. ilmar72

    ilmar72 Well-Known Member

    lol Why of course. you obviously traveled time and took those Photos on August 15 of the year fourty-two thousand four-hundred and eleven.
  23. athack

    athack Newbie

    get sdrescan from market... after taking pic with camera it usually takes awhile for pics to show up in gallery... with sdrescan if ur pics dont show up run sdrescan and it finds them and puts them in ur camera folder in the gallery... hope this helps
  24. mboss

    mboss Lurker

    I am having a problem where I loaded pics onto my 8GB SDHC card and they will not show up in the gallery. Only pics taken with the camera and stored on the phone will show up. Same for music...anyone have an idea.

    I'm running Cliq with 2.1 version (reflashed at Motorola) on ATT.
  25. sherlynn

    sherlynn Newbie

    Have to agree, this is complete annoying...

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