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Camera Quality

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lokio, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. lokio

    lokio Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just got this phone and I noticed when I'm using the camera, the preview has digital lines all over it. Has anyone else experienced this? I want to make sure that this is normal, if not I'm exchanging it.

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  2. Seems to be normal. Just unboxed a KHL and my camera preview looks horrible as well. Seems this camera doesn't work well in low light conditions.
  3. lorm

    lorm Newbie

    I got the kyocera hydro life yes the cam is awful with the 5 mp camera i got rooted changed a few script for my camera and now its running 20 mp it cam out really nice with dat change it got my camera running smooth n solid wit good quaility pics try it its really wirth it i didnt like da fone at first and jus decided to build it n its interesting to c wut the phone can really deliver
  4. lorm

    lorm Newbie

    Hydro life has potential
  5. Elrynon

    Elrynon Member

    Would you care to share what you changed and how?
  6. lorm

    lorm Newbie

    Is phone rooted?
  7. lorm

    lorm Newbie

    Is your phone rooted?
  8. lorm

    lorm Newbie

    After root access you download the xposed installer at the playstore open xposed installer go download and search 20 mp suprior auto download it and activate and there you go you gonna see a very big change on camera thanks if any question please feel free post
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  9. Elrynon

    Elrynon Member

    No, I' haven't had a chance to root it yet. I'm going to try and do that this week. I'll give the xposed thing a try. Thanks!
  10. lorm

    lorm Newbie

    Youll lik trust me pic comes out crystal clear as if the phone is a digital camera itself... I no what u mean wen first get the phone camera sucks big time with the change youll cam will diffenitely standout with galaxy s series and other top notch phones really no lie im here to help ya out hydro life devices users keep you uodated on thangs
  11. lorm

    lorm Newbie

    Well the easyiest way to root tge life is with the one click method download useing pc or mac only download root genius and one click your way to root.... Thank you other root method is still n/@ thank you if anything comes up ill keep update
  12. Elrynon

    Elrynon Member

    I went to the playstore and typed "xposed installer" and don't see anything by that name. What app did you use exactly?

    Edit: NM, I just googled for xposed installer and found it on their site. Does the 20mp superior auto actually do anything for our phone since it was created for the xperia?

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