Camera question


So I am back to Android (GS4), after a few years with the iPhone and I have no regrets. However, I do have a question. I tried to take a picture earlier today while I was on the phone and it said I could not take a pic while I was on a call. I am not even talking about trying to send a pic as a text, just simply taking a pic. I needed to get off of the phone and take the pic. I do find this frustrating as my iPhone would allow me to talk on the phone and take a still shot without having to end the call. Is there a setting I am missing. Thanks


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What carrier are you using? Just tried it on mine as a test and taking a pic while on a call worked fine. I'm on Verizon FYI.


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I tried it and it would not let me take a picture while on the phone. I have a Sprint G4. Seems odd that this would be carrier dependent.


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ditto with my VZW GS4, no issues taking a pic while on the phone.....does this mean Verizon actually did something right? *mind explodes*