Help Camera save location?


I have the camera(slow as hell btw) set to SD card. Yet all that shows up on the sdcard(what Astro has it labeled) are the thumbnails. The full pictures appear to be on the internal storage still. When connected to my pc the pics are in dcim drive M and thumbs in dcim/.thumbnails N.

Any Ideas?



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The internal 8gig is labeled sdcard. The 16gig insertable card is labeled sdcard-ext. Don't shoot the messenger... Basically the phone will function on android normally without a card inserted.


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Thanks for the info and Wow that is really dumb...then again most of the way they partitioned the internal card is...and no I wont shoot the messenger ;p Picture thread everyone is talking about Vignette and it looks like it lets you change the save path to the SD card. Think Ill give that one a try.