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Camera saves images as default to .PNG Format?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by carbonfibre, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. carbonfibre

    carbonfibre Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Having fun with my new Note 2, I take alot of pictures on it for work that I upload straight to the website/facebook, etc for various reasons.

    All pictures are being saved in the .png format, is there any way to automatically have them save to .jpeg format?

    Sorry if its already been asked, was just wondering!

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  2. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste


    I can't find a way of saving in any format other than .jpeg. Are your pictures in DCIM/camera folder on the phone in .png format?

  3. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Android Expert

    Weird, all my pics are saved as jpeg. Think that is default of any basic camera hardware/software these days. I do know that screen shots are saved as png. Not sure how you managed that as it's nowhere in the camera settings or any other setting for that matter.

    That is unless you're using a third party app to take the pics?
  4. sk8ordie

    sk8ordie Lurker

    How do you find out what file your pictures are in?
  5. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Android Expert

    Generally, for Android, you need a file manager to view the file's properties. On the Note 2, there's 'My File'. Just navigate to the pics and you'll see the extensions on the files displayed. *.jpg will be in JPEG format.
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  6. carbonfibre

    carbonfibre Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Found the cause of my problem, as I prefer to take the pics in 8M resolution mode for better quality, then crop them down and resize them to make them more reasonably sized to upload to the FTP, I was using the Samsung 'Photo editor' app that you can download from the samsung app store. So your were correct it saves them as JPEG when taking pictures, but after using the photo editor it saves them as PNG.

    So will either have to take them in a smaller resolution and just crop them, instead of larger and resizing or find a app that saves them as jpeg!

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