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camera takes terrible pics......

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lohung, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. nerdstaz

    nerdstaz Well-Known Member

    Yea I have seen those floating around.

    Point blank, people need to educate themselves on what they are buying. If they want something that opens a sea of possibilities, it is all about Android. If they want stuff that works within it's realms out of the box, then get an iPhone. Period. I like to customize, as do most of us phandroids, and I like to do things that a normal user may not want to do or even just have the potential too. I also like the freedom the developers have.

    For instance, to stay on topic, if you want post processing that improves the cameras photos on the fly....write an application and have it in the market tonight. That is the beauty of Android. Plain and simple.

    Another side note is, anyone who bought ICS for their first Android experience...is probably disappointed. Froyo and Gingerbread had various issues...that poured into their parent Nexus devices...it's the new toys and the potential to get the fixes first. That's what it's about. The camera is no exception --even though most of us agree that this issue really is not an issue.


  2. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    Um no, they should buy a WM phone. Next best compared to Android.

    Anyone try other camera apps?
  3. ssick92

    ssick92 Android Enthusiast

    Just thought I'd share this Panorama that I took today. It isn't great quality, but I didn't change any settings, so this is exactly what I would expect. I am posting the link because the actual photo is WAY to big to be appropriate for this website. :D

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  4. The more I use this camera, the more disappointed I am with it. It really struggles to focus sometimes. One thing I found very annoying is that when I was taking a video, the focus kept adjusting and readjusting. It does that for pictures too. I may just return the Nexus and wait for the quadcore phones with ICS. Not just for this, but just because I am disappointed with the signal strength, volume of the phone, plus the upcoming phones appear to have far better hardware than the Nexus.
  5. fam

    fam Android Enthusiast

    You are correct on its flaws...but at the end of the day its a good phone, in the android world, there's always going to be something better just around the bend so the same argument can always be had you just have to decide when you lock in your place in time...though it is dumb how quiet the speaker is, and the signal strength...but I dont use my phone for a phone...I pretty much use it for everything but....and my work bought it and pays for my plan so im less pissed off than anyone ;-)
  6. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    it auto focus fast on center (cant have zero shutter lag without it)
    so if u r losing focus it means u were moving ur phone too much.
    if u r taking pictures but focus is out of center, try 'touch focus'? just tab on screen to focus on object that arent on center.

    btw reference phone are not and wont be best hardware phone on specwise. reference phone = standard hardware of new OS.
  7. Stigy

    Stigy Some say...

    Playing with some editing programs on the Nexus. How do these look on the computer?




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  8. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    They look great!

    Anyone notice that pics taken with a different camera app look better?
  9. ZachMob

    ZachMob Well-Known Member

    No one expects a phone to replace a dslr camera.

    I just want a phone to replace my $120 point and shooter. The Galaxy Nexus's poor indoor performance makes it necessary to carry my camera if I planning on taking shots inside.
  10. Depth Afield

    Depth Afield Well-Known Member

    Shutter lag is the time between pressing the button, and the exposure beginning. It has zero to do with how long the shutter remains open to expose properly.
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  11. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    Explain this shutter thing on a smartphone? :D:D

    My understanding is no shutter, just software "exposure time".

    And I'm tracking with you... if shutter time is .5 seconds, then it's going to be at least .5 seconds between pics (yeah, that's a slow shutter time, but probably one that people can understand).
  12. Depth Afield

    Depth Afield Well-Known Member

    Very well, the lack of "lag" is the time between tripping the exposure and the exposure beginning. ;)

    The DX has terrible shutter lag. I missed SO MANY PICTURES with my DX, because I didn't know if the moving subject was still in the frame while the camera futzed around. The best you can do is have enough light available, via natural, incandescent, or flash. That way, the exposure time is shorter, allowing more freezing of apparent motion.

    I would add that if/when the DX was stopping motion, the ISO was probably pretty high, causing more visible grain.
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  13. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Android Expert

    Use "Vignette" in the market. Takes a little getting used to, but they do have the option to crop the image "to screen size" which I believe is 16:9 on the GN... They also have a free demo version, but i don't know if it has the crop to screen size function.


    QR Code attached

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  14. Vaeevictiss

    Vaeevictiss Lurker

    ok i just gotta say 4 pages of people arguing about a camera phone. Not sure why people buy a phone for the camera. I have a DSLR that i use to take pictures. If you tried to be a profession photographer and showed up with your nexus or rezound im sure people would laugh.

    Cameras on phones are basically only there as a convienence feature. I would have paid the same price for mine if it had came without one. To each his own tho i suppose.

    Just a pet peeve when people use something insignificant to make the phone look bad. Its like the people who buy android that arent tweakers by nature and should have bought an iphone instead, but talk shit up and down about how android is crap because they dont know how to use it. If you like to tweak and meass with stuff get an android. If you want a phone that...hmm...talks to you? get an iphone.
  15. TrumpetMan

    TrumpetMan Android Enthusiast

    I am a photographer and I think you're being way too defensive. Most folks don't want a professional quality photo from their phones, but I think they do expect, at least in my case, the quality to be at least as good as the phone they're coming from which in many cases is probably two years old. Let's face it, it's a great phone but the camera has issues.
  16. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    What he said ^^^^
  17. ZachMob

    ZachMob Well-Known Member

    Most people don't use DSLR cameras and less carry them around wherever they go.

    Having a decent point and shoot camera with you at all times where you can capture the unexpected is an important feature and it is expected on top of the line phones.
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  18. memillh

    memillh Well-Known Member

    What he said ^^^^. With a young family, and always on the go with them, those "Kodak" moments aren't always planned out. In fact, they're most often unexpected and unpredictable. To walk around all day with a DSLR in my pocket is not reasonable. Camera phones provide this convenience. I've had several camera phones that have done a pretty decent job of capturing those special impromptu moments. Not "Nikon D7000" special, but good enough. I think it's reasonable to have some concerns about a phone with a camera that is sub-par in quality compared to other camera phones, since these moderate-quality cameras are just as important in a phone for these convenience reasons, almost as important as the phone capability itself nowadays. The market has changed. These are no longer just "phones".

    From my observation of this thread, no one seems to be making the argument that this phone's camera is crappy because it doesn't standup against shots taken on a "Nikon D7000". The concerns are that it's not capable of even taking a decent "camera phone" pic - which is important for many nowadays. And it's how even the manufacturers are marketing these units.

    For the record, I actually think the GN has taken some nice shots for me. I'm currently on a Rezound - and have been itching to convert over. The Rezound's shots are definitely better in my opinion. But, the GN's shots are not bad enough to scare me away - since I want a "Nexus". I headed back over to a VZW store today to test some more shots in lower light (vs the shots I took at the store the other day and posted here - which captured more sunlight shining in the room). Some samples are attached. From what I'm seeing, I think this phone can take a decent "camera phone" pic. But, completely understand the concerns of those who think it can't, compared to other Camera Phones (especially based on some of the pics I've seen posted here).

    I honestly think that those that keep mentioning DSLR's are missing the points of concern that people are expressing in this thread.

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  19. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    THIS couldn't have been said any better
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  20. memillh

    memillh Well-Known Member

    Yeah, +1. You don't buy a luxury high-end car primarily for the audio system, but you expect it to have something comparable to the market standard.
  21. TrumpetMan

    TrumpetMan Android Enthusiast

    There ya' go.

    I always thought the thing that separated Android folks from the Apples fanboys was that Android folks call a spade a spade. If we see something that is wrong we don't try to justify it, we call them out - no blind faith. That's what I like about Android and the folks that buy Android.
  22. vasilator

    vasilator Well-Known Member

    This used to be true but it is far from the truth these days. If fact in some ways I think it's worse. I frequent Apple forums as well due to family members having their products and they are much tamer these days.

    As an amateur photographer myself I can agree with most in thiis thread. The camera CAN definitely take some good pictures the point of a camera phone is to be able to take an unexpected candid shot of my kids out and about without any preperation involved. This Iphone 4 does a very good job at that. I can't say for sure the GN is capable of that after looking at most of the pics. in this thread.

    Yes of course MOST cameras are capable of taking GREAT pictures, that isn't the point IMO.

    FWIW I do think this seems to be mostly related to the software.
  23. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    Stop right there.

    ISO performance or lower aperture? To get kid stopping performance in low light, you'll spend 1.2k on a low iso DSLR and probably spend min of $500 for a 50mm F/1.4 (more like another $1k plus for better), but you'll still need a lower aperture, all at the expense of DOF.

    Not so sure what you are saying here? My kids are hard to take pics of indoors with an F/1.2 lens at noise busting iso's. What do you expect of the SGN? Even the fruit 4S can't perform on those levels, but that's not even a comparison.

    edit: I did post about other camera software appearing a little better in detail, don't recall if it's this one. But that's not going to fix low light problems that exist that any camera can't capture.
  24. vasilator

    vasilator Well-Known Member

    I was not talking about the low light performance (hence the "out and about " reference) just talking about pulling out the phone snapping some quick pictures at decent quality without any thinking involved. One area where the Iphone does a good job IMO. It seems software related or as someone mentioned perhaps some type of post processing. I am just comparing the phone to other camera phones and I don't understand why DSLR 's keep coming up.
  25. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    Iphone4/4s uses sony's BSI sensor, its main advantage is taking photo at low light. (LG optimus, Sony xperia has it too)

    people has to play with their camera to get used to it, its hard to get good qualityh photo everytime even with DSLR.

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