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Camo dark icon pack

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by designshift2, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. designshift2

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    [​IMG] Feature-Dark.png


    Presenting camouflaged code name CAMO a true dark icon icons pack with pop-up vibrant colors. Check another light version if you like light icons.
    Each and every icon is marvelously crafted in order to achieve magnificent visual experience.
    Camo dark icons pack works well on any wallpapers. After experimenting with lots of Dark and Vibrant colors finally Camo dark Icon pack have been crafted.

    A Quality Note:
    Camo dark Icon pack have been crafted with creativity to achieve the best possible way to simplicity. Camo dark Icon Pack have prefect Masks for unthemed icons.
    Camo dark icon pack contains 2000+ icons (Just beginning) and will Grow rapidly these icons with each and every updates. This Icon pack contain 8 dark hand crafted matched wallpapers.

    Interesting fact:
    An average person check their mobile phone 59-159 times in a day. Camo dark icon pack gives magnificent visual experience each and every time.

    2000+ Icons and more to come in every Update.(It's Just Beginning)
    fresh and creative design with Dark and Vibrant colors.
    08 wallpapers.
    Dozens of Launchers Supported.
    Dynamic Calendar.
    Auto Icon Masking to support un-theme app Icons.
    Lots of alternate Icon to chose from.
    Icon request Supported.
    Cloud based wallpapers.
    Slick Material Dashboard.
    Alternate app drawer, Folders, System app icons.
    Regular updates.

    An Appeal to the Users:
    Feel free to send icon request for missing icons. I tried to fulfill every request but here is an appeal to the users Please send only those app icon
    request which is used frequently and keep them on home screen not the one which used rarely and not used for a long time.

    Things to remember:

    A supported launcher is require to use this icon pack.

    Check Out supported list and compatible launcher list Below.

    Icon Pack Supported Launchers

    Action Launcher
    ADW Launcher
    Apex Launcher
    ABC Launcher
    Atom Launcher
    Aviate Launcher
    CM Theme Engine
    Evie Launcher
    GO Launcher
    Holo Launcher
    Holo Launcher HD
    LG Home
    Lucid Launcher
    M Launcher
    Mini Launcher
    Next Launcher
    Nougat Launcher
    Nova Launcher
    One Plus Launcher
    Smart Launcher
    Solo Launcher
    V Launcher
    ZenUI Launcher
    Zero Launcher

    Icon Pack Supported Launchers not Included in Apply Section
    Arrow Launcher
    ASAP Launcher
    Cobo Launcher
    Flick Launcher
    iTop Launcher
    Launch by Quixey Launcher
    KK Launcher
    Line Launcher
    Mesh Launcher
    MN Launcher
    New Launcher
    Open Launcher
    Peek Launcher
    S Launcher
    Z Launcher

    Warnings: Before you Buy.
    • Google Now Launcher do not support any icon packs.

    Email : screativepixels@gmail.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Creativepixels7

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    this looks amazing. i'm glad it works with nova.

    downloading now.
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  3. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

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  4. designshift2

    designshift2 Newbie
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    Thanks glad you like it.
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  5. designshift2

    designshift2 Newbie
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Camo Dark Icon Pack

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