Can a deactivated droid 2 be used with wifi connection?

I have an old Motorola droid 2 that has been deactivated from verizon service. It works fine, but anytime I try to go online or do anything except play music and the simple downloaded games I have I get..."A network error has occured. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen." How can I use my droid without the phone service? As I stated, home page comes up, music and camera all work no issues. It just won't connect to internet, market or any other apps which require an internet connection. thank you
I have a deactivated Droid X and it does everything except voice or transfer data through a tower.

To transfer data I have Wi-Fi enabled on my Droid X and it communicates to the Internet through the wireless router in my office.

To establish the connection I had to configure the Wi-Fi options on my Droid X to provide the appropriate password when establishing the Wi-Fi connection to my wireless router.

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I have an optimus v, that I use wifi only every once in awhile.
I had a droid 2 for 3 days, I used it on wifi all day. Never had a problem with it.


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thanks for the reply. I can at least show connection to the internet through my wi-fi, it just won't connect or bring any websites up. damndest thing.