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Can a Froyo user test Iheartradio and post

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by philly0128, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. philly0128

    philly0128 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Is there any one who upgraded over the weekend w/ froyo that has iheartradio install, I would like to know if anyone else is having problems getting it to work, today all mine is doing is saying connecting. I've been using it for about 2 months at my desk here at work and I've never had a problem, now I am. After testing I found that I can get it to work via wifi if my signal is good, then if I turn off the wifi, it just says connecting again, and if I try 4G I only get 1 bar @ my job but it just says connecting as well

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  2. ZNA03

    ZNA03 Member

    I downloaded the unoffical update, i'm still using it.

    Iheartradio works on wi-fi, I turned off wi-fi went outside and couldn't connect on 3g with 4 bars... guess i've got the same issue.
  3. djshy

    djshy Lurker

    yeah...works sometimes on wifi..but not on 3g/4g....
  4. Y2Dre

    Y2Dre Newbie

    I'm having the same problem with the official FroYo OTA. Well...this is my first "this sucks" moment with 2.2. Oh well...I'll just patiently await a fix...
  5. jeremylobaugh

    jeremylobaugh Well-Known Member

    DOA for me too. I have tried it on Stock rooted 2.2 pre-release and final, Fresh 3.0 and 3.1...same issue, no connection on EV-DO (no 4G for me), and it does work on wi-fi, but it locks up and I have to kill it.

    This is one of my favorite apps, I do hope it is resolved soon...looks like it's pandora for me, at least for the time being
  6. mpike78

    mpike78 Newbie

    wont work here either. go back to fresh 1.0.1 and it works like a charm
  7. TambourineMan

    TambourineMan Well-Known Member

    I haven't updated yet as i want to go with cyanogen when 4G and HDMI are working.

    I still have an unrooted 2.1. IHeartRadio worked once and then never again. I emailed their customer support about a week ago and have not even had an automated reply.
  8. Axlrod

    Axlrod Lurker

    I've found a work around to get IHeartRadio to work after FroYo on the EVO.

    If you start IHR, and then turn on WiFi (you don't have to connect to a network, just turn it on), IHR gets past the "connecting" point, and works.

    You can then turn off WiFi.

    This bug is a big PITA, but with WiFi tether working, and this work around, at least now I don't have to keep going back to 2.1 just for IHR
  9. jslbps

    jslbps Lurker

    I just loaded the new Andorid upgrade to 2.2 and IHR no longer works over the air. Works fine on WiFi but not over the air (of course I don't need it via WiFi). Exact same problem that everyone has already posted. IHR worked fine prior to my Android 2.2 upgrade today.
  10. jeremylobaugh

    jeremylobaugh Well-Known Member

    HOLY $H!T It's magically working this morning :) I am running BakedSnack 1.1 on my Evo
  11. TambourineMan

    TambourineMan Well-Known Member

    Still on 2.1 - the turning on wifi trick didn't work for me - although IHeartRadio does work on my wifi network at home. I would like it to work on either 3G or $G elsewhere.

    I might think Sprint is disabling it, except they let other streaming apps connect so why would the single out IHeartRadio?
  12. jslbps

    jslbps Lurker

    I tried Axlrod's workaround (see above) away from my WiFi connection and it worked perfectly. The only thing different from your experience is that I had to leave the WiFi connection on. Thanks for the tip. My IHR talk radio is back online.
  13. 82ndCowboy

    82ndCowboy Member

    My IHR is not working now either after the Froyo 2.2 OTA.
    I was working befor and I swore it worked last night.
    I tried
    "If you start IHR, and then turn on WiFi (you don't have to connect to a network, just turn it on), IHR gets past the "connecting" point, and works."
    And that did not work for me. As soon as I kill the Wifi, IHR quits.
    Seems like it's an intermittent problem with my IHR.
  14. neutron

    neutron Well-Known Member

    IHR isn't working at all for me. It's stuck on the Fetching Configuration screen.
  15. jamesdean

    jamesdean Android Enthusiast

    IHR is now working for me on 3G. Appbrain also shows an update for IHR but it cannot be found in the market. Anyone else now working on 3G or has anyone received the latest update?
  16. dvrdwn

    dvrdwn Member

    I was curious to see if Iheart radio was updated for EVO. Well I downloaded it and it works.
  17. AmericanHero

    AmericanHero Well-Known Member

    I originally started using this App on the Hero and it works just as good on the EVO. It's nice to go to breakfast and read the paper and listen to local radio talk shows with ear plugs at the same time. Great App!

  18. ThinkTankTed

    ThinkTankTed Lurker

    DOH...just messing around w/ IHR 1.5 on my Froyo phone, now it rebooted...omg is it 1995 again? Will try the verizon version next and see wha' happen. At least gnome is almost done emerging on my Gentoo VMWare box...
  19. ThinkTankTed

    ThinkTankTed Lurker

    Version 2.2 still hangs at connecting...even w/ WiFi turned on. Trying to setup guest network access now to see if WiFi makes a difference (I don't remember it working at home w/ wifi...hmmm).

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