Can android phone connect to another android phone of different operating version?


Hi guys,

I had a question regarding android connectivity. I am wanting to develop an android application on one phone to control an android application on another phone(that I will also develop) which controls a microcontroller. What I want to know is, if the android operating system is different on both phones is it still possible to make an application to connect them in the way described?

The phones need to connect wirelessly either through bluetooth, wifi, adhoc or some other kind of wireless connection.

Specifically, I am thinking of getting a Galaxy GT-S5570 (Galaxy Mini Steel Gray) as the phone that controls the microcontroller and the Galaxy S3 or an S2 as the one that controls the phone controlling the micro (ie the Galaxy mini)

The microcontroller is the Arduino Mega ADK for android

Many Thanks for your support guys.


Android Expert
I think it depends on what kind of control you want to implement but of course it's possible. Heck it's even possible for a device with one OS to control a device with a different OS. As examples, my Android phone can control my Windows PC (through Team Viewer) and my PC can control my Android phone (through WebKey).