Apps Can Android "Push" functionality be made as good as iOS ?


This is how "push" works in my Android App:-

My phone "chimes" - (screen does not light up or anything);
I've got to:
A) Push button to wake up phone
B) unlock phone
C) drag down notice area
D) Find the push message for my app
E) Tap on it
F) Finally - I'm at my App and it processes my message.

Here's how my App works under iOS:-

A) "Slide to unlock" (because the "push" already woke phone screen up)
B) I'm at my App instantly.

Can Android settings be adjusted, or push message parameters be
changed, or an Android "service" be written, that could make the usage
of my App upon receipt of an android "push" notice lots more simple?
(e.g. to light up the phone screen if it's asleep, and to auto-open my
app at the right token as soon at the device is unlocked after getting
the push notice?)

Heaps of thanks in advance for anyone who's got any hints/tips/ideas/whatever!


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I'm not providing you the answer, but rather being a noob in IoS/Apple dev, I would like to ask if there are multiple push notifications on IoS which app would be on top? I'm guessing, but could be wrong, the latest push notification would top of stack?

My opinion is that this is a design choice. It could be done more than one way, but I guess android dev said, let us give users a list and you decide which notifications you want to handle and in which order or if you just want to ignore/clear all of them.

I'm certainly not suggesting or favoring one over other.


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LOL. Lets all wear raincoats because maybe once a year we might be outside when it rains...

I don't think Android are dumb enough to have totally ignored the convenience factor of letting notifications do what they arrived for without needing a half-dozen steps - especially not when 99.9% of the time there's not going to be any conflict; I just don't know *how* to code my app to function the way I want...

I am *guessing* here, but I expect it's probably some kind of background service component I'm going to have to add, which contains the ability to be informed of the "push", and then I write my code to turn on the screen, and to auto-open my app upon unlock... but that's just a guess.


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I personally do not want my screen to turn on automatically when I get notifications. I like the way notifications work in android. I get a notification, press power to turn my screen on when I want to, then just open my notification drawer and tap on the notification if it doesn't have a pop up (friendcaster and gosms give me pop ups)


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Yes. It's not just possible - but even better (it immediately interrupts whatever you're doing, and opens up the required app)

Here's an example: Google Chrome to Phone Extension

And yeah - for those who can't figure out that there are paradigms where this is always going to be what the user actually *wants* - well - nyer nyer - the demo shows that as well :)